Sunday, April 22, 2007

Pensacola and Puppies

After our victory over the deck, we decided we needed a break and so we took a much needed trip to Pensacola. So we packed up the dogs and headed off for our home away from home. We had a blast! Gary had his UWF (University of West Florida) Alumni Soccer Game on Saturday and let's just say it was interesting to watch. Gary had a couple of goals scored on him, including one he scored on himself. But it was fun to finally see him play.

Of course we had fun hanging out with Gary's parents, Judge Judy, Hayden and Jenn, Scooter, and Chad and Stacy. Although we didn't get to see much of them, it was still nice to see them, and hopefully we will be seeing a lot more of them. While we were up there we also had some interesting news. The soccer position at Washington High School is still available and there will be some history positions available as well next year. Which means there is still a chance that we could move up there this summer. But we are will unsure as to whether or not we will get the positions but it definitely ups our chances. So we will wait and see...

Below are some funny pictures of our dogs... for your enjoyment...

Monday, April 9, 2007

Our New Deck!!!!

After one month of hard labor... our new deck is finally finished.. Gary has worked his butt off getting this finished and it looks AMAZING!!! He did sooo much work and it is so worth it. Last night we sat outside with our sons and enjoyed the cool night air without being in dirt! We are now accepting offers for Gary to come and build your deck.... just kidding! We are done building... for now....

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Domination and Hypocrites

Pure domination are the only words I can think of to describe the University of Florida Gators and their amazing performance in the past TWO national championship games!! Being that we are Floridians we are of course excited since we were cheering for them. Unfortunately, the Florida Gators are our back-up team. The only fight that we have is over college basketball. Yes, our seemingly perfect marriage is at times upset by the fact that my husband and I disagree on which college basketball team is better. Of course I am a true blue fan and cheer for the Duke Blue Devils and my husband seems to loose his mind and cheer for the wimpy blue of the University of North Carolina. Though the Tar Heels were a tiny bit better this season, we all know that next year Duke will dominate! I must admit that Gary beat me in our brackets, but now college basketball is over and our marriage can continue without further controversy.

On other notes, life is good! There are no complaints. How can I complain when I have a wonderful husband, two beautiful children and a job that will be ending soon! (only 35 more school days till summer!!!) School is going and going, and doesn't ever seem to end. But I must share a story that bears repeating... (this is why teachers are crazy...)

Two students began arguing across the room while they were supposed to working quietly on an assignment. I intervened to get them stop and the final comment by one student was "Don't judge me... you're gay!" Trying to teach them the life lesson, I responded by telling him that what he just said was hypocritical, since he had just judged another student by calling him gay. The student was bewildered by the comment and asked, "What does hypocritical mean?" Another student yelled out, "You know is the big, grey, animal that lives in the water!" Unfortunately it was one of the moments of being a teacher when laughter escapes your mouth, though it shouldn't.

I just thought I would share that story with you...