Sunday, July 6, 2014

4th of July part two

After we rested for a bit... well Gary and I rested, the kids pretty much played as usual, we drove out to our friend's house in the middle of no where to set off fireworks... :)

The day before Gary took the kids to get the fireworks in Alabama, so needless to say we had to test them out... just to be sure..

For us having no plans for the 4th... it was a pretty great day...

4th of July part one

With no set plans of the 4th, a few plans fell into place the day before... Chad invited us to go out on the boat to a small beach island... this was the kids first time on a boat and they LOVED IT!

We docked up on the shore and pretty much let the kids play around in the water. Daxton asked Gary to throw him about 100 times. Thankfully I got some amazing pictures!


Blueberries are in season! and thankfully we live near several Blueberry picking spots, so the kids and I met up with Holly, Haley, and Taylor for some pickin'

We got over a gallon of blueberries... so a bit of work.. and cheap prices! Thankfully they freeze really well... 


We have been taking advantage of the Kids Bowl Free program this summer! Its awesome. The kids get two free games, all you have to do is pay for shoes! The kids LOVE bowling.. and its a nice indoor activity!

Zoey even got a STRIKE!

Daxton's 4th birthday party!!

We were kind of stumped for Daxton's birthday party, and after many ideas, he wanted a Cars party with a new waterslide.... and so it was!

Dax's cake... made my ME! I'm quite proud of this one... :)

House decorations!

Gary bought a water balloon station, and Maeghan set-up a system to hand out the water balloons, since she was the only one who could tie them... I love that girl!

The waterslide was meant to be the main attraction, but everyone was pretty entertained by the water balloons...

Friends enjoying pizza!

Present time!


Christine showing off my mad cotton candy skills!

all-in-all it was a great day!