Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day BBQ

Memorial Day BBQ was everything it was supposed to be... Family, friends, food, swimming!

Dax enjoyed being outside with everyone!
Zoey of course wanted to be in the pool the entire time.. thankfully there were enough people to oblige this request..

Haley was a little worn out from all the fun..


Best I can get so far.. but he is walking 6-7 steps at a time!

Kids in boxes...

Why do kids love boxes so much?

Well my kids LOVE them...

Zoey's Spring Program!


At least the water has two purposes...

watering the grass...

and watering Zoey!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

11 months old!

Oh Dax.. you are 11 months old.. now we are getting to the good part. This is the start of my favorite age... just old enough to be interactive and fun.. but still young enough to where I can control most of what you do :) You are the smiliest boy, and soo sweet! A tiny little peanut, with poop issues. YOu are a definite momma's boy. If I leave the room you search for me, then once you see me you give the biggest grin... and melt my heart.. although, when I am busy in the kitchen.. it would be a bit easier to not have you grappled to my legs.

Dax can..
- take steps! 5-6 at one time!
- give the best kisses and loves(resting his head on my shoulder)
- say dada, mama, baba.. and something that sounds like dank dan when i give you things.. I would like to imagine this is thank you.. but that might be a stretch...
- scream loudly!!

Dax likes..
- mommy
- being held/picked up
- playing with wheels.. pushing them, spinning them... anything.. he loves them.
- walking around furnitue
- playing with balls
- opening and closing doors
- swinging
- bottles - this one might be a hard one to ween away
- cereal, puffs, yogurt melts
- squirming
- being on the go
- pushing the train around... EVERYWHERE!
- playing with Zoey's toys

Dax does not like..
- being put down
- going to sleep.. fights it- until he finally lays on the floor
- sitting for too long
- textures of certain foods

Weight: 18lbs 14 oz

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Two hiders...

Watching Baby Einstein was never so fun!

Unfortunately this only lasts for 20 minutes.. we don't even make it through the entire video...

A boy and blueberry pancakes...

This morning i though I would make some blueberry pancakes and get Zoey to help so that she would eat some of them... so we made them, she helped shake up the pancakes and put blueberries in them... and then ate two bites.. of course. SO I had some and then gave some to Daxton (gary didn't want any)... and boy did he like them!
If you look closely you can see his two new teeth!
He devoured 3 whole pancakes! The one I cut up for him and then two of Zoey's.. if I had more he probably would have eaten them too..

A boy eating pancakes.. watching sportscenter.. is there anything better?

Splash Pad

We had to take Zoey to get some blood drawn, so I knew I had to do something to make her feel better. So we headed downtown to the little splash pad on the pier.. Zoey loved it.. Dax was a little unsure of the whole situation.. but did great.

How cute is a naked baby boy in a sailor hat?

Rocketship Shopping...

Dax is finally big enough to sit in the rocketship carts at Publix... and for a boy who LOVES wheels.. he couldn't be happier... except when he tried to grab Zoey's wheel..

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Big Girl!

Zoey is doing amazing with potty training! She is really good about telling us when she needs to go... I don't think she has had an accident in several days. We do need to work on her using the "potty" in public. She is not so great at that.. the potty is too big (why don't some stores put a kids potty in them? not all stores.. but the obvious ones, where kids and their parents will be...), and when the other toilets flush it scares her. But yesterday she did use the facilities while at Publix!!!!

Almost walking.

Dax is sooooooooo close to walking...

He loves to walk around with the toy train.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

No Diaper Experiment Week 1

So... we have been in "big girl panties" for a whole week! We have had ups and downs.. an accident here and there, but nothing horrible. Tuesday was probably the roughest day, and she had a quick regression to diapers, but by Wednesday she was back in underwear and since then had only had 1-2 accidents, but even those were pee-pee accidents. She has pooped in the potty all week!

SO.. i think we are continuing.. and Zoey is a rockstar!

Monday, May 9, 2011

No Diaper Experiment Day One...

Last week Zoey asked to go pee-pee on the potty (angel's signing in the background) while she was at school. And she stayed dry the entire time at school.. So on Friday the teachers suggested that we go cold turkey on Monday... no diaper all day at school..

I agreed. Heck it wasn't my floor she was going to be ruining.. SO we pumped her up all morning.. Put "big girl panties" on her to go to school. Tried to go before school and nothing.. so I packed two extra outfits.. just in case..

I was a bit nervous picking her up... thinking about which outfit she would be in and how many outfits she had gone through. I specifically had not done her laundry today in anticpiation of this moment... I peeked into her classroom.. and low and behold she was in the SAME outfit! Her teacher mouthed, "She did great!" I silently jumped for joy in my head... So of course extreme celebrations! including hugs, high fives, and the promise of any car she wanted... just kidding.. but I was excited...

So we celebrated with gummies from Target, NEW big girl panties, and a cookie from Publix... I had some shopping to do so I completed that and got home about 2 hours after we left school. Put the groceries away.. and SCREAMS come from her room.. .she peed her pants.. arg!

So we changed... and I cleaned the floor, carpet I might add.. fast forward to me askin 80 times an hour if she needed to pee, because at this point there was no more wearing of diapers... not for the "big girl." She sat once or twice and nothing..

Haley and Holly came over they played.. they left and nothing.. I start making dinner, turn around.. and my girl is sitting on the potty, saying "i jsut have to go pee pee for a minute." and so she did! WOOHOOO! She not only went pee on the potty, but went, opened the door, climbed on her stool, pulled down her pants, and sat by herself on the potty...

This is one proud momma!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day Celebration

Zoey's school had a Mother's Day Tea.. it was pretty cute...

This was waiting for me at the table...

Then there was a performance.. Zoey actually sang this time! WOOHOO!

Zoey after her performance, once again.. don't know what is with these faces.
Dax was a happy camper as long as a bottle and I were near...

Final Birthday Celebrations!

As a cap to the weekend... Papa, Nana, Brett, and Steve came to visit for the day... Brett had just graduated from FSU (Congrats Brett!), so they were right around the corner from us.. We were sooo happy they came.. even if it was just for a day...

Brett playing a rousing game of "peek" with Dax and the puppies..
Papa and Zoey looking at Zoey's present from Papa and Nana..
Zoey and Steve with Nana's Ipad...
Zoey and Papa flying a kite.. Papa is quite the kite flyer.. I was impressed.
Nana and Dax
Brett showing Dax how to work a computer.. he needs to catch up to Zoey.
Nana showing Zoey the fine art dipping strawberries in chocolate.. YUMMY
Zoey perfecting her craft.. hopefully she will learn to cook just like her Nana.. then I will live a happy life! I forsee sending Zoey to Nana cooking school...
Ahhh.. this is what Nana's are for...

3rd Birthday part 2 - actual party!

Princess Zoey ready for her party!
Everyone hanging out.. Gary grilling!

Kim, TJ, Sam and Alex stayed in town long enough for the party! HOoray! Since Zoey had been asking since February if they were coming to her birthday party!
Zoey's Birthday Cake... she asked for this specifically.. a pink cake, with princesses, buzz and woody...

Throughout the party.. I coaxed people into wearing the princess crown.. these are the best ones.. Princess Grandma
Princess Geri
Prince Dax
Princess Hay Hay
Princess Holly
Pop and Zoey opening presents...
Happy Birthday Zoey!