Friday, September 30, 2011

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

15 months!

my little dax is 15 months...

dax can..
- charm his teachers into holding him
- sing twinkle twinkle.. or at least have the gibberish going to the melody
- climb! on EVERYTHING! .. the playset outside, furniture, the ottoman,
- say more and more words (well i understand what he is saying)... pretty much everyone's name, backpack, oliver, airplane
- say two word phrases. bye bye dada

dax likes.. .
- FOOD - he is a non stop eating machine.. how is this boy so tiny?
- being held
- going to school... he walks to his room all by himself...and is happy to go
- his teachers at school
- falling.. he falls ALL THE TIME!
- making us laugh
- his bottle.. im trying.. but he loves it.
- saying bye to everyone and everything..
- to dance and sing

dax does not like...
- being put down
- not getting his way
- when his sister takes his toy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Zoey just pointed to a butterfly on a flower and said he's eating nectar .... I'm pretty sure I learned that in high school

Monday, September 12, 2011

Time Management

I love that Zoey has no concept of time yet...

she had to lay on the couch for ten more minutes to rest after school.... after five minutes she was getting antsy and so i said five more minutes...

she said "no mommy i thought you said ten minutes."

"ok Zoey ten more minutes!" :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Phone pictures

Random pictures from my phone!

While we were living at Grandma and Pops, the kids would find their ways to daddy's lap every night. Those two sure do love their daddy!

Daxton came out of his room like this.. he let Zoey put on his sunglasses. Cool dude!

Zoey showing off her pearly whites from the dentist!

On the way home from the beach Dax was making this hilarious face and I tried to get it a few times... but in the end the only picture I got he looks like he is making a not so nice gesture... hahha

While the cousins were here Sam just wanted to hold Dax every chance she got.. sweet girl!

One of my favorite Saturday mornings... Zoey was at grandma and pops and Dax was a chilled little man with his dad!

One of my favorite sights! Zoey LOVES when daddy reads to her... its just not the same if mommy reads it.

A picture we took to show daddy...

Gary's mini me! Gary is usually dressed in a striped polo shirt and khaki shorts... so Dax looks a lot like his daddy here.

After: Floors!

 I forgot to take before shots of what out house looked like.. but if you look back at old pics you should be able to see.... imagine UGLY beige carpets and linoleum floors! Living with two kids and two dogs it wa definitely time for a change!

SO last week our life was turned upside down and we had new floors installed in the whole house.. except the bedrooms! Gary and his dad worked their butts off getting everything prepped for the floors to come in. AND they let us stay at their house for the entire week.. have I mentioned I have AMAZING in-laws!

Tile floors in the kitchen and baths!

Then is was on to the living room.. I pulled up most of the carpet myself! and carried it out to the trash! Thank you very much!

Wood floors! LOVE THEM! I was obsessed with these as soon as I saw them in the store.. and it hasn't gone away! Now I clean them everyday!

I also had the flooring people install waynescoating and a chair rail in our TINY foyer. Just gives it a little different feel.. .

More pics to come!

Sunday, September 4, 2011