Thursday, June 26, 2014


Happy Birthday baby boy! But you are no longer a baby! You are our little man.. You are nonstop energy and excitement. You will do anything to make people laugh. You create noises and sounds that are unlike anything we have heard. You love your sister, and want to do anything she does. You are competitive and always want to win at everything.... even walking. You are sweet and helpful, but determined as heck to do things the way you want and when you want. You are smart and have learned more this past year! You can count to 100, know all your shapes. You have an amazing ability to reason and put things together. You love cars, planes, and anything that moves. Your imagination is still impressive, especially when you are playing alone. You are a momma's boy! You give kisses all the time, and have the best snuggles.

We love you little man!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Early birthday celebrations and family visit

Papa, Nana, Uncle Brett, and Uncle Steve made a visit up to Pensacola... Nana made an ice cream cake for Daxton's birthday.. just a little early!

Then Dax got his Baseball birthday presents!

Everyone was definitely happy to see Papa!

The next day, we all headed over to Grandma and Pop's house for some swimming!

and Uncle Steve obliged the kids ... he is a trooper!

After everyone left, we busted out the new waterslide!

Elsa hair..

Zoey made her hair into "Elsa" hair...

soo cute!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014



The fish..

So I was at the pet store.. And Dax said.. If I could have a pet I would get a fish... So here they are.. Zoey named her fish "bubbles" and Dax named his fish "daxton"....
Unfortunately, bubbles didn't make it .. So we replaced bubbles with a new fish.... Poor bubbles

Last day of kindergarten!!!

This girl is getting too big! She was definitely excited to be a 1st grader!

Toothless times three!

These three at the bus stop on the day before the last day of school! 3 girls... 6 teeth missing!

Swim lessons

Just like with Zoey, we took Dax for swim lessons... he did sooo great! In fact by the end of the lessons he was learning different strokes!

First Day!

Last Day!

Just me and my boy....

With Zoey still in school for one more week.. it was just me and Dax... I miss those one on one times... he is a funny kid with a lot to say!