Saturday, September 13, 2014

Zoey's 1st game!

Zoey had her first soccer game today! She loved every minute! Although it was not the outcome she would have liked... she SCORED a goal!!! HOORAY!

Dax was supposed to have his first game today as well, but instead we had to take him to the ER, thankfully it was just croup... but we were sad that he had to miss his game! 

Lunch selfies

I love that I can go see my girl for lunch any day of the week... and she still wants me to come! 

Daddy's girl


Both kids started Soccer this year! We are soooooo excited! So far they LOVE it!!!

Daddy is magic

Daddy can pull a quarter out of Zoey's ear...

He is so magical... he can pull a DOLLAR out of Dax's ear!

1st trip to the dentist

Dax had his first trip to the dentist. He was not so happy about it... and after finding a cavity... he is really not going to like going back...

1st day of VPK

After Zoey started her school, Dax was eager to start! He is in VPK in Ms. Keri's room! We LOVE Ms. Keri! and it makes it better that Trey is in the class too!

Can't believe he will be in Kindergarten next year... 

Beach getaway!

Gary was hosting his Fantasy Football draft at our house... so he got us a hotel room on the beach for the night. It was a perfect little getaway for a night! We swam at the pool and the beach. Then Haley, Holly, Taylor, Brittany, and Lilly all joined us in the afternoon and dinner. It was such a nice break! Thanks babe!

Preschool orientation

Just me and my boy got to go to Preschool Orientation! We are excited to be in the Ranch room with Ms. Keri! It's going to be a great day!

Eye doctor!

Dax had his first eye appointment... thankfully all went well and he didn't need any glasses.