Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring break day 1

For the first Spring Break celebration, we headed over to Destin to spend the day with Maegan and Sydney! It was a perfect day!

My hammock

Over my Spring Break.. I was saying.. it would be nice to have hammock to lay in while the kids play... so Gary, being the wonderful husband that he is... went and got one for me... :)

Dax jail

Finally.. a way to keep him in one spot...
.. too bad we need that cage for rocket... 

Silly faces

Home Depot Harry Potter

just in case that magic thing didn't work..
Harry Potter can work at Home Depot. 

Home Depot workshop

In a great coincidence, we were at Home Depot getting a few things, when we noticed the workshops were going on, so the kids got to build and decorate their own book ends.

Bathroom Reno

Since we moved in to our house, I have wanted to tear down the wall paper and paint, well when the wall paper started coming off in sheets(with a little help), it was time... so after a few weekends... and hours of peeling.. it is finally done!

A boy's priorities...

While at the dentist with Zoey, I was trying to take a picture with Dax... and this is what I got.

A word in edge wise...

Dax was there for ten minutes and said three words..

Monday, March 2, 2015

Terrific kid!

Zoey was chosen as Terrific Kid for March! We are so proud of her!

..and to make it better she was chosen with her friend Destiny!

Cookies and juice to celebrate!

Sweetheart dance!

Zoey's school has a sweetheart dance for daddys and daughters! Zoey was sooo excited to go this year, since we missed it last year.
She looked beautiful and made her daddy very proud!

Papa and nanas

At the end of our visit to Tampa, we spend the day with Papa and Nana!

Dax reading with Nana and Papa!

The next day, we showed Dax and Zoey how to shoot a bebe gun.

Then of course tormenting Uncle Brett when he was trying to leave!


While in Tampa we met up with Jessica and her sweet kiddos for a little bouncing!
I love seeing her and picking up right where we left off.

Tampa cousins

One of the best things about Tampa are COUSINS! and there are a lot of them... Thankfully we were able to steal Sam for a few hours...

and of course we had to see all the animals... and play with the other cousins!

Manatees with abuela!

Our first stop in Tampa was to see the Manatees! Near the power plant, the manatees congregate for the warm water! It was soo cool to see all of them in one spot.