Sunday, March 30, 2014

The best..

No words can describe how much I love this... 


Dax has a best friend... His name is Trey and they are in the same class at preschool... but this is more than a best friend.. this is a bromance.. they LOVE each other, they always play with each other, and half the conversations about how school was involve Trey! So we had Trey over after school one Friday. They played and had 3-year old conversations that were hilarious!  Trying to get Trey to leave was the only problem...

Spring break!!

Ahhh.. Spring Break.. nothing really exciting... but altogether.. perfect.

Reading to Dax

I asked the kids to pick out a movie one night... and instead this is what I saw.... LOVE

Mini golf

Since Zoey started the First Tee program.. I figured Mini Golf would be a fun activity... until it turned into a timed competition between Dax and Zoey...

It was the fastest 18 holes... the PGA could learn a few things from these two.. 

The first tee....

Zoey started the First Tee Program to learn to play.. she LOVES it... and is pretty good.

Now she can play with daddy and pop-pop... 

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Terrific kid!!

Upon our return from Tampa, Zoey received the "Terrific Kid" award for her class!! WOOHOO!

So we went to celebrate with her! Grandma and Pop were able to come too!

Grandma brought a special gift for Zoey!

For ca


Becky and Mike came and dropped off Mike's boat at Grandma and Pop's house, so we got to play/meet cousins for the afternoon! The kids had a blast playing on Uncle Mike's boat, and with their cousins Vegas and Stella!

Wish we could play more often!

North Carolina v. Duke

Taking advantage of the unfortunate circumstances of the snow downfall, I met Gary in North Carolina for the Duke v. UNC game... bucket list checked off...

And.. it was a nice getaway! Gary had made friends the previous trip, so we headed out to the same establishment for the "moose" (Gary made a bet with the bar owner, that he would be back, and won a moose tap)!

Always have to get this... brings me back to Pisgah View Ranch... :)

Before the game, we headed to Duke, and drove around. The parking was terrible, so we didn't get to see as much as I would have likes.... although Gary was probably happy with that!


In Chapel  Hill.... wouldn't expect anything less!


Unfortunately, the game didn't end the way I wanted... but I was happy for Gary! After EVErYONE headed to Franklin Street! It was Madness!

The next day... I flew back to Tamp to pick up the munchkins, and head back to Pensacola!

Tampa part 2