Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dax flies and then jumps!

Dax learned to jump!

No he jumps all the time!

Singing Dax

Dax and the Dog Collar...

We had to put a cone collar on Cyrus to prevent him from licking... but of course we couldn't just let Cyrus wear it.... we are evil parents... but funny!

Spring Break!

Since everyone was off from school/work, we took a trip down to Tampa for a few days!
The ride down was fairly typical... Dax screamed....
 ... and Zoey watched movies... She is the best traveler EVER.

The next day we met up with my friend Jessica and her two kids, Jacob and Kelsey! We went to a splash pad.. .which of course the kids LOVED!

Future husband and wife!

A little dancing at Abuela and Ca's

Then fun at Papa and Nana's

Then finally on the way home....

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Vacation begins!

Vacation has begun! Gary has spring break with week, the kids are off from school... so I took off too! SOOO happy I did! Its so nice to know my phone will not be ringing (this is something Gary is thankful for as well). So as soon as I was done working I packed the kids up and went to the beach! The weather was perfect and the kids had a BLAST!

Dax spent most of the time filling up this bucket with water....

or throwing sand back into the ocean...

 Then he discovered his sister was playing all by herself.... so he decided he wanted to play too!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Papa and Nana visit!

Papa and Nana came up for a quick visit... they stayed out at the beach for two nights and then one with the kids at our house so we could escape for a night away! But of course we couldn't let them enjoy the beach all by themselves, they would get way to bored. So we crashed their day out there... and of course the kids had a BLAST, despite the windy overcast day!

Once Again...

 for the future Zoey who will watch this.. you asked me to video this...

More "Reading"....

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

stuff = favorite

On the way to the store I asked Zoey a question...

M: "Zoey, who do you like to pick you up from school... mommy or daddy?"

Z: "Daddy."

M: "Why do you like daddy to pick you up?"

Z: "Because daddy buys me things afterschool."

M: "So if mommy bought you things afterschool, then I would be your favorite."

Z. "Yes."

Friday, March 2, 2012

and that makes it perfect

I found this Princess puzzle at Target that you can color... Needless to say Zoey LOVES it... 
 We have worked on it every afternoon this week for about an hour and this is all we have accomplished..
Yes, it drives me crazy the colors are wrong, and all the princesses eyes look like they are crazy... but I know Zoey loves coloring with mommy.. and that makes it perfect!