Saturday, March 26, 2011

9 months

Daxton is 9 months.. 3/4 of a year! where has the time gone? This could possibly be do the sleep deprivation that occurred the first 4 months of your life. But now you are a happy laughing kid! Thankfully!

You are a happy boy, with smiles and giggles at the silliest things! You are a wiggle. You are constantly in motion, moving, crawling, climbing. YOu are super fast at getting into everything!!! You are in nine month clothes and size 3 diapers, and love to eat EVERYTHING in sight

Dax can..
- smile and giggle
- make a bunny noise
- copy a noise we make - this is one of his favorite games to play
- feed himself small foods
- drink from a sippy cup (sorta)
- wave hi and bye - just starting to get his

Dax likes..
- moving, crawling, being in motion
- food - bottles and finger food
- his mommy, definitely still a momma's boy :) but wants daddy too!
- doors - loves to open and close all doors!
- door knob - loves to eat them
- putting everything in his mouth, dogfood, dog hair, toys... he really doesn't care
- being picked up and carried

Dax does not like..
- being alone.. he loves to be near you.
- being put down

18lbs - 12%
26.5 inches - 0-5%
head - 75%

A little happy gilmore...

Did you catch it? just for two seconds Zoey was totally doing the Happy Gilmore... hahaha.. She did this for awhile, but I only caught it for two seconds! HILARIOUS!


Yesterday was one of those days where being a parent is amazing! I felt like wanted ten more kids... and now today confirms why we will only have two!

I got to take Zoey to the beach, just me and her! I miss those times, just me and her...

We played in the sand, dug holes, built castles, and Zoey went in the freezing cold water all the way up to her shoulders... by herself! I was so proud. I told her she was being brave... so everytime she went in the water after she said she was "braving". I love this age of word ideas and connections.

She is getting too big far too fast, I can't believe she will be three next month.. and that I will have a three year old. Of course I say that every year... but every year it astonishes me... that I have a three year old.. and nevertheless a 9 month old too...

Yesterday was a good day. Yesterday makes me want to be a better parent, and spend more time with them before they get to big to play with mommy. I wish life were full of yesterdays.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

2nd child evidence

Poor Dax. He is totally a second child. One night I was trying to change Zoey, of course at the same time that Dax was hungry...

Because children conspire against their parents for circumstances such as this... I believe they have a secret code...

"hey i need my diaper changed, you start screaming for food..."

"Sounds good.. next time we will switch"

Anyway, this was one such instance, so I had set the bottle on the ottoman to change Zoey first.. well Dax made due.. and crouched next to the ottoman and propped his bottle at an angle so he could eat...

quite resourceful I think...

Baby Pull-ups

yes those are shorts... the boy has no chance of height in life.

Friday, March 18, 2011

A stickler for the rules... well sort of...

So Zoey had woken up from a nap and I had been watching the NCAA games on TV. After about 30 minutes we had this conversation..

Z: "mommy, we can't watch TV until Daddy gets home." (this is rule I that she doesn't just sit in front of the TV all day..)

Me: "oh yeah"

Z: "yeah we have to turn it off."

Me: "you are right Zoey." So I turn on music on the TV...

Z: "good job mommy."

Me: "thanks Zoey."

Z: "Mommy... you can watch TV if you want to."

Me: "Oh I can.."

Z: "Yeah you can watch a little tv......... we can watch my shows"

Me: "oh just a little tv... "

Z: " yeah we can watch my shows.. just a little bit."

What a little booger...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

3 years minus 2 months...

Oh Zoey... what do we say to our girl... she is quite the spit fire. far too smart for her age, and only getting smarter. She figures things out so quickly and has a memory that can remember EVERYTHING! for example.. she will recall a RANDOM situation from MONTHS ago.. and bring it up when we are not even remotely discussing it! its pretty ridiculous. She knows directions and where things are while we are driving around.

Favorite phrases:
- "we almost forgot.."
- "i thought we were going to..."
- "you wanna play with me.."
- talking like Jessie the Cowgirl
- and a "jersey" accent for certain words like Bath.

- playing outside
- playing
- Toy Story.. any one she will watch at a moments notice
- going places.. she will go with us anywhere.. especially stores.
- watching shows/movies
- treats
- chicken and fries - definitely her #1 thing to eat
- chocolate milk
- her daddy - definitely still a daddy's girl!
- cuddling
- reading books - Green Eggs and Ham, The Cat in the Hat, Dr. Seuss is very big right now.

Zoey is..
- very good with manners
- a pistol
- too smart for her own good.. seriously ridiculous.
- a sweet girl when she wants to be
- good with choices.. like to be given choices in activities
- a brat and knows how to use it.
- a good helper - loves to help me with the trash
- a good cook! she loves to bake and "make" with me

Zoey does not like..
- taking baths
- being forced to do something
- having too much attention on Dax.. there is a bit of jealousy coming off.

Zoey's Favorite... (i asked her..)
color - red
toy - the ball - what she was playing with as I was typing this - probably Buzz or Jessie Dolls
show - Team Umi Zoomi -
movie - Toy Story 2
thing to eat - fries or treats
drink - chocolate milk

nicknames: zozo, zoes, zoes-a-bow, gooba goo, pumpkin, pumpkin pie, booger face, booger but, terd (gary's name), princess

8 months

This pretty much describes month 8.. Daxton is on the move and eating EVERYTHING in sight. Daxton took his second plane ride to Tampa for a visit with family and friends. It was the first time that a lot of the family had met him. The #1 thing people said was.. "he doesn't stop moving" the #2 thing was "he is a happy boy".. both are VERY true. Dax you are still a peanut. Maybe weighing in at 18 pounds, just starting to not fit into 3-6 month clothes. but 6 month clothes are still to big. Finally made the transition into size 3 diapers. Dax you are the happiest kid ever... and a constant wiggle... needless to say you are hilarious and we love you bubba!

Dax likes..
- eating - bottle, baby food, cheerios, anything he can feed himself
- moving - crawling, walking along furniture, wiggling
- mommy
- windows - loves staring out them
- doors - closing and opening
- knobs on cabinets and furniture - he loves to try to eat them
- any toy that makes noise or lights up

Dax doesn't like..
- naps
- being 'reset' - when he crawls into a place he shouldn't be.. we have to reset him into a place he should be
- changing diapers
- sitting still - he is always moving something.. hands, feet.. anything
- being confined in anything

Dax can...
- sit-up
- ride in carts
- crawl as fast as lighting
- walk along furniture
- hold himself up with one hand
- walk in his walker
- feed himself
- hold his bottle
- tryies to drink from a sippy cup :)
- make call kinds of noises and sounds - click his tongue, raspberries, shrieks.
- say 'mama' - once 'dada' - once 'bababa' all the time

teeth count: 2 - got both of them within a day of each other, while we were in Tampa.

nicknames: bubs, bubba, buster, buster brown, dax, gooba goo

Friday, March 4, 2011


Abuela and company...


While in Tampa, I met up with two of my best friends from high school... and there kids... It was quite interesting.. 3 friends, 6 kids (3 boys, 3 girls), 10 years after high school. We met up at Lowry park Zoo.

Dax along for the ride...
Zoey enjoying the sea turtles
Jessica with Kelsey and Dax... we can use this picture at their wedding one day!
It's how we roll...
Zoey and Jake on the train.. we will use this picture at their wedding later.. :)

Feeding the goats

Later in the week Zoey and I met up at the mall for some indoor fun.. Zoey and Kelsey
Jake and Zoey in the Disney store.. it was like we were at Disney.. she never wanted to leave.

Papa and Nana's