Sunday, March 29, 2009

11 month old girl

Zoey is 11 months old today... which is the scary realization that in a month she will be a year old.. i can't believe how fast time has past.. and while gary is feeling old.. i am excited for all the things zoey can do and is learning.. it seems liek we show her how to do something a couple of times and she knows how to do it... she's the smartest kid i know.. smarter than my students...

Zoey can..
- WALK!!!... she still gets around mostly by crawling.
- blow kisses and give kisses
- say "bye-bye", "papa/pop", "uh" (uh-oh), "og" (dog), "baba", "dada", "mama"
- say a ton of other giberish
- try to repeat words we say
- dance and twist when we sing
- bounce while holding on to something
- play telephone and hold the receiver to her ear - told you she was smart
- drink from a sippy cup
- eat real foods and feed herself
- sign "more" - just started.. still sparatic
- point at pictures and words while we read them
- point out where noses are... on a bear and on people...

Zoey likes..
- Food
- books.. will still read them for awhile..
- playing with her toys
- her friends at school
- walking.. trying to run
- playing with the dogs
- computers/remote controls/buttonsand tons of stuff se shouldn't have

Zoey does not like...
- sleeping
- mom and dad telling her "no"

Not her best walking but its all i can get.. when she sees the camera she stops whatever she is doing and tries to grab it...

Friday, March 27, 2009

2 years and counting...

We (I) have been blogging for 2 years this month.. and it just made me realize how much our lives have changed in those two years...

2007 to 2009
Newly married --> old married couple!
24 --> almost 26
33 --> almost 35
no kids --> one kid
Tampa --> Pensacola
1 teacher --> 2 teachers
2 spoiled dogs --> well somethings are the same...

Other events in the past two years...
- 2 decks built (1 almost done)
- 1 new car
- 2 trips to Philly
- 1 trip to NYC
- 3 trips to New Orleans
- too many trips to Orlando

Needless to say I don't think we could have imagined how our lives would change in two short years.. especially since our first blog mentioned that we would not be having kids anytime soon.... yes, 5 months later we were pregnant but we weren't necessarily planning on that at that time.. Zoey was not a mistake.. medical issues pushed our plans ahead a couple months.. We are loving life.. and all the ups and downs that it brings..

we are glad that you have loved us this long to keep up with Zoey and her parents! We love you and your care for us!

Best friends and parents...

2 spoiled dogs!

The best thing about life...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Sleepy Baby...

This poor girl has been fighting naps at home and at daycare so this is what we have been seeing a lot of lately..

This was posted while in the middle of a nap at 5:45 at night...

Zoey walked this weekend! She has been taking steps for the past couple of weeks.. but it was a few here and there.. but this weekend she decided it was time to go... and she went.. taking 5-6 steps at a time! Now i feel confident enough to say that Zoey is a walker... (not to be confused with the Mike and Julie kind of walker...)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a lot of nothing...

Literally nothing exciting has been going on.. but since i can hear the phone ringing with requests i have added some pictures for the g-parents...

It was too beautiful of a day outside to not go out and take some pictures... and thankfully zoey is extremely afraid of GRASS, she sat there for at least 30 minutes since she was scared to move... excuse the number of pics.. what can i say... she is cute and i love taking pictures of her...

oh this girl and her expressions... such a "tough" girl...

a rare mom and zoey picture... that i allow posted..

such a sweet puppy...

for uncle paul..

she finally learned how to bust out of the living room.. we solved it though...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why is zoey so happy?

...Cause her nana, papa, and uncle brett and steven were just here... My parents and lil' brothers came into town for a couple days.. just long enough to spoil her rotten! which is what grandparents are supposed to do... of course... they let zoey play hooky from daycare and took her to the air museum and beach! Man i was jealous.. but duty called. They had a blast and we loved having them! Come more often...

Zoey and uncle brett

Zoey and nana playing telephone

I swear papa and uncle steve were there.. but i didn't any pictures.. unless you want to see papa asleep again...

- nana, i need some of your pictures!

ps - zoey has learned some new dance moves and can do the wipers on the bus... videos to come..

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tennis anyone?

Does she look like she is ready to play tennis?

Sporting her new clogs.. the only shoes we could find to fit her chubby feet...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

10 months old?

Since there is no February 29th, except every four years.. we have made today Zoey's 10 month works for me.. more than anything Zoey has learned soo much this month, and is really becoming more and more like a little person rather than a little baby.. so here is 10 month Zoey!

Zoey can...
-eat anything off a spoon and feed herself
-do "so big"
-give high fives
-dance and twist
-bounce in place
-take a step or two
-play by herself for expanded periods of time
-hold her own bottle and it by herself(with us close by.. of course)
-drink from a sippy
-make the elephant noise.. or try to
-give kisses
-say "dada", "mama", "og"(dog), "uhhh"(uh-oh), "gaga", "nana", "baba"

Zoey likes...
-food.. cheerios, puffs, goldfish
-making noise and banging things together
-playing on the that she can watch the dogs...
-knocking towers down
-cleaning up her books
-"reading" her books - basically turning pages
-her mom.. seriously
-tv.. sesame street.. really anything

Zoey "reading"...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Crawfish Boil

A couple weeks ago our friends invited us over for a traditional southern crawfish boil.. it was sooo great! There was a ton of food, friends.. and good times! One of the people we met there must have taken a million pictures of Zoey.. who can blame her.. she is pretty darn cute... So i take no credit for these pictures....

Zoey doing her best Gary impression...

Probably the best family pictures we have... so sad but true...

Too cute kid!

All of the kids playing in the tub of crawfish...