Monday, January 30, 2012

One smart cookie...

This girl amazes me everyday. We sat down to color... and Zoey busted this out.. 
on her own.. without prodding or suggesting... 
at this rate she will be doing algebra in the third grade... I better start studying!

Daxton and the Emergency Room...

Saturday, Dax woke up from his nap with a bark cough and wheezing. So I quickly put him in the car and took him to Urgent Care. After 3 hours, a chest x-ray, nebulizer treatment, and ibprofen, he was still wheezing. So off to the ER we went.. HOORAY!

We were in the ER for about 3-4 hours... come to find out he has croup. Which of all the things we could have it was the least dangerous... basically its a cold that sounds horrible. But he was good to go and we were home around 11pm.

But he was quite possibly the HAPPIEST sick kid ever! Thankfully everywhere we went he was smiling and talking to everyone. He only got upset twice, once when they had to do his x-ray and hold him in awkward positions, and secondly when they put the pulse-ox monitor on his toe.. once again don't blame him. As we left he was waving to all the nurses saying "bye-bye" and "tant you (thank you)"

This was him in the ER.. watching bubble guppies.. or some of the other million youtube videos we watched!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just like you...

While we were outside this afternoon playing, Zoey came over and gave me a hug..

Me: "Zoey I don't want you to get bigger."
Z: "Mommy, I am going to be four soon."
M: "I know but I don't want you to get bigger, I want you stay just the way you are."
Z: "Mooom, I have to get bigger."
M: "Why?"
Z: "So I can be a mommy."
M: "You want to be a mommy when you grow up?"
Z: "I want to be a mommy just like you...."

Melt my heart...


Gary called me one morning, and talked about going to the circus.. of course I said YES! They he upgraded our seats... so we were right in the middle of the action! 
 Before the show starts they let the kids get right into the ring and have a few different things going on... 
They brough the elephant out to make a footprint... 
Before the show Zoey got a snowcone.. and we probably could have gone home at that point.. Zoey was thrilled!

This was the only clown we saw.. weird huh? 

The camels, horses, and mini horses... 
The different side shows all together... 
Dancing puppies.. a bit hit with Zoey
The acrobats!

One of the acts they put on while they set up... There was never a dull moment.. 
Seriously impressive!
The Elephants were AWESOME! One did a headstand... of course this is while Zoey wanted to take a picture... 

Three motorcycles in there at one time... 

Under that jeep was the Strong Man

Overall Gary and I were seriously impressed with the Circus! And Zoey loved her snowcone and the light she got at the end... 

The State of our Family

The Mattes Family is WONDERFUL! I don't want to jinx it, but things are really great! Sure we have a day here and there where the kids are driving us crazy, or work gets to be a lot, or life is just out of funk.. but overall we are great.....

Zoey is going to be 4 in April. That thought alone is enough. She is getting out of the horrific threes and starting to be able to reason through behaviors and why it is not appropriate. She is super smart and is now working on writing. If you write something out she can copy it onto her own paper. It is pretty impressive. Her memory of events or facts is astounding. She will recall SPECIFIC details of an event that took place months and months ago. She LOVES school and all her friends. She is still quite a picky eater, but we have some basics down that hopefully keep her sustained. Her favorite activities would include playing games; candy land, computer games, phone games, playing with friends, going to grandma and pop's house. She is such a energetic little girl. She is a daddy's girl beyond all means. We love you Zoey!

Daxton is 19 months... and temper tantrums have taken over. Everything is "NO" or "No mama". He is a fiesty little boy, with a temper to boot. But then he will be the sweetest boy ever. He is a lovie boy. and wants to sit in your lap and snuggle. He is talking and talking and talking. Most of it is coherent and understandable, but if not I can translate most of what he is saying. He is VERY energetic. He will run and run and run, even after we put him to bed he will talk and play for at least 20 minutes. His bottle is still his favorite thing in the world. He is learning and learning more and more.. He loves his teachers at school, and asks about them all time. One of Dax's favorite things to is talk on the phone, especially to Papa and Abuela. Everytime he grabs my phone he will repeat one of their names until we call them on the phone. and he is quite the conversationalist. We love seeing him grow more and more.. even if its not in size! :)

Emily is still working and working and working for FLVS. Sometime I think the phone is surgically attached to my head. BUT I am able to spend wonderful time with the kids, so I hope that in the end it will balance out and they won't remember their mom as ALWAYS on the phone...I am working out a bit more.. in an effort to get my healthy on. I don't really have a weight goal... just a feel better goal. And its working! I feel a million times better! I have energy and overall feel better. I am hoping to have more free time to do some more FUN things... but right now I feel like its either work or mommy stuff. But overall I am happy and content will all things in life.

Gary is still working at Northview, this might be the longest he has been at one school since we have moved to Pensacola! And thankfully he plans on staying next year, with hopefully a bit of an upgrade. (cross your fingers). This summer he will be going to a class to help him get the upgraded job. He is playing tennis intermitenttly when he can find someone and time to play with. The kids are SERIOUSLY in love with their dad. As soon as he drives into the driveway the kids goooo NUTS! "daddy's home" it definitely is a favorite time of day for the kids and me! ;) I know daddy is enjoying playing more with kids... especially soccer, which BOTH kids love.

So that is us right... nothing BIG on the horizon, but LOVING the moments in our days!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Its official...

 Daxton is a Gary clone.... he watches WWE Monday Night Raw.

This boy will not stop and watch much television...

but he stops to watch the WWE Monday Night Raw.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Learning to write!

Zoey wrote her first name all by herself, and then all I did was tell her what letters to write for her last name!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

Z: "I want to go to vegas...."
Me: "why...?"
Z: "Cause that is where the Fresh Beat Band Show is ....."

pheww.. i was worried for a minute

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dax's first buzz cut!

After seeing Dax wake up from his nap with crazy hair.. I knew it was time.... So Gary held him while I buzzed... I was impressed he sat through the whole thing... 

He looks so much older now!

America's Funniest Home Videos Submission

I haven't but i think it would be a contender....

Papa, Nana, and Steve visit!