Thursday, February 26, 2015

Jump rope for heart

I am so proud to be Zoey's mom... Once her school announced the jump rope for heart campaign Zoey was so excited and insistent on raising money for her school's fundraiser, however I was reluctant thinking of the work I would have to do... But Zoey was adamant about raising money, so finally I gave in and I am so amazed at how generous people have been - almost doubling our goal...
This girl is stubborn and hard headed and drives me crazy... And I have never been prouder.....
Thank you Zoey for sticking to your guns and wanting to help other people... Your Pop is soooo proud of you!

This girl

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This boy


For the Super Bowl, we got crawfish! The kids are fascinated with them...

... and then we ate them!

Sweet kids

They have their moments of bickering and fighting.. but then these moments happen.. and it makes you one happy momma!


The kids LOVE to go out to Daddy's "man cave" and throw darts... I think its just the time to spend with daddy that they love the most.

Family date night: circus

The circus was in town, so we made it Family Date Night! First stop was Pizza!

All week Dax said he did not want to go to the circus.. until we got there!

Report card reward

Zoey has gotten straight A's all year.. so I told her we would celebrate.. and she chose pedicures..

she really is a smart girl! 

Tennis anyone

We are officially a tennis family! Zoey AND Dax now take lessons twice a week..
They are both doing well and loving it!