Thursday, December 30, 2010


Zoey made a pretty picture for Santa, baked the cookies, and gave carrots to the reindeer... but Santa needed water.. not milk.

After Santa came...

It was funny.. it took Zoey awhile to figure out that there were presents.. She woke up.. came in our room... Gary put her on the couch.. and she watched Curious George... Never realizing that that there were presents... Gary started making breakfast.. then walked over and told Zoey about the presents.. however, once she saw them. There was no stopping that girl...

Stockings first.

Zoey got a Mrs. Potato Head, Toy Story 3, Barbie, Barbie's car, a microphone, puzzles, coloring markers, paint....

Dax got a couple small toys to play with, mostly things he can manipulate with his hands.

This was the bigger present.. for both Zoey and Dax... and probably the one thing she has played with the most.

My sweet boy!

My happy girl!

We then went to grandma and pop's house where the excitement continued... of course Santa left a few things for Zoey and Dax!

Dax pretty much hung out all day...

Pop tried to help Zoey with her toy...

and then she finally crashed...

Such a good Christmas!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

6 months!

Oh man 6 months! I can't believe it! You are the happiest baby! Everyone comments on how happy your are.. Daddy always says you "are the happiest spitting up kid around.." and its true.. you smile and are content to just be here.. Unfortunately you also have your first cold with a cough .. But you are still as happy as can be! You eat ALL DAY!! You love your bottle, and baby food.. but will eat at any point in the day! Amazingly you are still a peanut! still mainly wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. YOu are on the move! you are up on all fours and rocking. You haven't quite got the full motion of crawling but are definetly able to get around with a combination of a roll/inchworm/crawl. Anyway you put it.. you do not stay still. Even while we hold or feed you.. you are a WIGGLE! I think that is where all your food goes!

Dax can...
- roll/inchworm/crawl
- babble - more lalala, bababa
- entertain himself for awhile
- put himself to sleep
- sleep 11-12 hours

Dax likes...
- Bottles
- playing
- chewing on everything
- making noises
- people
- jumping/moving all over

Dax does not like...
- waiting for food
- trying to poop.. poor thing.

weight - 15.1 lbs - 10th percentile
height - 25.5 inches - 15th percentile
head - 40 cm - 25th percentile

Tiny little peanut boy!

First real food...

Even though Dax doesn't have teeth yet.. we gave him some yogurt melts.. hilarious!

Interested in what daddy has...

Not too sure what to do with it...

So he spit it right back out...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Dax!

Such a happy kid these days.. unless he is hungry.. then HOLY COW he will let you know!

Meeting Santa

Zoey's school had a special vistor.. Santa came to read them a story and have some cookies..

Zoey noticing me there... I tried to hide for as long as possible..

Sitting "listening" to the story..

Not so great of the kids.. but I look good. The other pictures all of use looked bad.. so i figure one of us should look good :)

Zoey and Charlie

After the kids met Santa, they went and had cookies.. except someone thought it was a good idea to bring cupcakes, or 'pupcakes' as Zoey calls them... yeah thanks to THAT person...

All-in-all a good time.. Zoey screamed at the thought of sitting with Santa, Dax could have cared less.. and Zoey got icing all over her face. What more is there?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa Baby...

Come on... how freaking cute is he...

'Round here...


Dax is loving his bouncer (for more than 20 minutes!!).. unfortunately our little peanut of a boy is too short, even on the lowest setting.. so we put the Wii Fit board underneath.. and it works PERFECT!

Dax is loving fruits! So far he will pretty much eat anything we give him (I seriously do not know how he is soo small, he eats ALL DAY) He is especially fond of this contraption..

Lastly Zoey... she is trying our patience like NO OTHER! she is a pro at being two! I hope three is better.. cause right now Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are a bit much for us.

Oh Christmas Tree...

This year Zoey helped me decorate the Christmas tree...

Before decorating I tried to get a picture of Zoey.. and so she looks distressed.. God forbid I take her picture without her permission..

My two favorite ornaments...

The final product... can you tell the part Zoey did? Maybe the HUGE clump snowflakes and sparkly ornaments would be the first clue....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sugar Cookies

Zoey and I had our first venture into decorating cookies... needless to say.. she enjoyed it.. and made cookies COVERED in icing... at least she had fun!


Another wonderful Thanksgiving! Kim, TJ, Alex, and Sam came up for a few days and the kids LOVED playing together, with fewer fights than last time! Woohoo!

The day after Thanksgiving we took the girls and Dax to Triple Play...

Zoey with her favorite thing to play with.. Thomas the Train.

Zoey climbing up to get to the slide.. Sam climbing up the slide.

Thanksgiving Day.. Our first family picture including EVERYONE!

Grandma and Pop with all the grandkids! Alex- 6, Sam and Zoey-2, Dax- 5 mos.

Sleeping Dax...

Whatever works....

Sunday, November 28, 2010

5 months!

Oh Dax... you are five months old. That is somewhat of a crazy thought to us. You are quite the flirt, you love to smile at people. You drool and try to put EVERYTHING in your mouth. You love to be held allllllll day long, and often moan or cry if you are not being held. You love to roll on the floor, but get mad when you get stuck! you are eating ALL the time...I feel like you constantly eat. You LOVE you bottle, soy formula, and are eating more and more baby food. You are still fitting into 0-3 clothes, but are now wearing more and more 3-6. You are getting bigger but you are still a peanut!

Dax can..
- roll over back to front and front to back
- hold head up extremely well
- push up on arms
- pull legs underneath you
- sleep 10-12 hours
- put himself to sleep
- blow raspberries
- scream and babble

Dax loves...
- to be held
- his mommy - he is a mommy's boy :)
- to put everything in his mouth
- to EAT and EAT and EAT
- to blow raspberries
- to scream with joy
- to be scared

Dax does not like..
- being left alone
- doing anything for more than 20 minutes
- green beans

Monday, November 22, 2010


me: "I love you Zoey"

Zoey: "yeah, Daddy loves me too."

The next day..

me: "I love you Zoey."

Zoey: "Daddy loves me too."

me: "and what about mommy?"

Zoey: "Yeah, mommy loves me too."

oh that Zoey...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Zoey's Fall program!

Ever since we put Zoey at this Preschool I have been looking forward to the Fall Program! Grandma, Pop, and Juju came to watch! It was either going to be TOTAL disaster or hilarious.. well it would have been hilarious even if it was a disaster! Zoey and her class sang two songs, well the teachers sang two songs...

Dax before showtime with Grandma! LOVE HIS SHOES!

Zoey getting ready!

Sorry it is soo shaky.. I was laughing the WHOLE TIME!

Longer video...

After the show with her Pop!

Juju and Zoey

Me and my Munchkins!

Mama's Boy..

.. I wouldn't have it any other way!