Monday, August 30, 2010

Zoey at 28 months

I was going to wait to post this about Zoey until she was 2 and 1/2.. but she has so many things that I don't want to forget that I have to do it now..

- Zoey has not been eating much as of late, when you ask her if she wants something she says "No thank you, i good"... until you ask her about something she actually wants
- Her favorite foods are chocolate milk (made by daddy), fruit, chips, cookies, ice cream.. you get the idea
- She is smart.. too smart for her own good.. and her memory is RIDICULOUS! She will bring up an event that took place MONTHS ago.. for no reason.
- Her favorite phrases are "Maybe I can't..." "I'd really like.." "... real quickly..."
- She LOVES her shows - Curious George, Sid the Science Kid, Super Why, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Handy Manny, and Dora
- Her favorite movie is Curious George 2 or as she calls it Kayla (the name of the elephant in the movie.. duh)
- She is still a thumb sucker
- Zoey is DRAMA! - she is very good at being two years old.. happy one minute, full on melt down the next.
- She loves playing on the computer.
- She knows her birthday, where she is from, and how to spell her name...
- She loves playing on our phones
- She loves her baby brother and will remind me.. "don't forget Dax" "turn on the colors for Dax" (His music and colors thing in the car
- She loves to chase the puppies
- Zoey does not like being told no.. she will scream and then clap her hands when she gets upset.
- Zoey can ask nicely for things, when reminded
- Zoey can count in Spanish to ten
- Zoey knows all her letters, by sight, and is starting to recognize words that start with certain letters
- Zoey can recognize letters by sound
- Zoey can count to twenty, knows her shapes and colors.
- She has memorized a couple books and 'reads' them to us.
- Zoey LOVES to dance and act like a princess with her tutu on...
- Zoey can win over her daddy in about 3 seconds, she now goes to him when she wants something or when she gets in trouble with mom, she screams for daddy
- She loves to go places. We often can't say the word "go".. because she will immediately say.. "I can go to"
- She especially loves to go to the store.
- If she wakes up, she immediately goes to our room... thankfully
- If she wakes up from a nap, or can't fall asleep, she comes out to find us

I am sure there are many more things about Zoey that I could put... she is an amazing little kid, who is super smart, and sweet. I can't believe how big she is.. Stop growing baby girl.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Last week I took Zoey to a bounce house place... and they had this HUGE slide. I asked her if she wanted to go.. not expecting she would.. SURE enough she did..

2 Months!

Daxton, you are two months old... and we couldn't love you more.. You are still a little peanut, but are growing bigger and bigger! You look a lot like your big sister, except for the mohawk mom gives you everyday. Everyone says how handsome you are and that you look like a little man.

Your colic is better as well as your sleeping.. so for that mom and dad are truly thankful!! We gave you Probiotics which seem to make you feel better... this makes us so happy! It was heart wrenching to watch you scream and scream and not be able to help.

You are wearing 0-3/3 month clothes, your newborn clothes are just starting to feel snug. You eat NON-Stop! It feels like we are always feeding you!

Daxton can
- sleep for 5-6 hours
- eat all day
- hold his head up...almost
- talk and coo
- smile
- sit in the bumbo seat for 10 minutes

Daxton likes
- being held
- food - soy formula and oatmeal at night
- his big sister, who plays with him and helps mommy
- his swing
- his playmat
- to be standing and bouncing
- to be fed immediately
- use his bottle for comfort, even though he's not drinking

Daxton doesn't like
- to be put down for extended periods of time

No matter what you do or how you are we will always love you!

Looks about right..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I think she has enough...

This is what has been sleeping with Zoey everynight.. and the amazing this is she KNOWS when one is missing and has to have it...

(Curious George, pig, Dora, pink puppy, white puppy, turtle, paci, elmo, and at least one blanket... this get rotated between this one, another pink one, and a blue one)

Dora is the best one, because if she moves at night and hits it.. it sings to us over the monitor.

We are trying to cut it back... to less than an entire zoo...

Helper Zoey

We were trying to let Daxton "cry it out," so Zoey tried to help soothe Daxton...

First she tried talking to him.. she will often sing "twinkle, twinkle to him.."

Then she went to her room and grabbed a book.. and started reading to him.. so sweet!

Unfortunately, it didn't work.. but it was the sweetest thing to see...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010

Dax talking..


Dax slept six hours last night... I think it might be a one time deal! But right now I am going to be excited!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The way a refrigerator should look ...

courtesy of Zoey's camp artwork!

A Brother and A Sister...

melt my heart....

Family Visit #3

Dax is really loved! Because the weekend after Papa and Nana left, Abuela, Ca, and Paul came up to visit...

Paul meets Dax...

Ca snuggles with Dax...

Abuela falls in love with Dax!

Zoey showed Paul how mom's itouch works.. and all her games. Paul was in heaven!

Zoey and Abuela paint Mickey..

Then Abuela, Ca, and Zoey went to play outside... and Ca and Abuela showed Zoey how to drive her Mustang...

But most of the visit was spent with Dax in this position....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chubby Boy...

Dax suffering from a milk coma...

I took Dax to the doctor to discuss some of the issues we are having with his sleep and such..

He gained another pound! He is now up to 8lbs 11oz. What a little CHUB! but he still looks like a peanut...

Hopefully the reflux medicine she gave us will help him sleep a bit better...