Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

One month.... (or less)

WOOHOO.. as of today i have less than a month(hopefully) before this lil' girl is born! Its crazy to think that in less than a month there will be a lil' baby girl in our house and that we are going to be parents! kinda scary.. but oh so exciting!!! part of me wishes she would come sooner than April 26th, but the other part just thinks that will screw up my sick/maternity leave for school, which means it that would mess up my paychecks... but i suppose its not up to me....

Zoey is about 6 pounds and somewhere around 20 inches long.. and the lil' rascal has stolen my belly button.. that is right i no longer have a belly button that goes in.. it is simply flat...its kind of crazy to look at.. it is also getting much more uncomfortable to sleep or move.. my memory is completely shot. and i find myself forgetting simple words that i have used a million times in life.. as well as how to spell most words.. my students find this to be hilarious.. but i think they are finally beginning to understand... my body temperature is raised constantly to the point that i am freezing my students with tundra like conditions.. contractions occur frequently throughout the week.. which only makes me excited until they stop... but overall i can't complain.. i love being pregnant, despite my gripes, especially when she moves all over my belly! One month to go.. pray and hope for sooner!

ps- sorry about the comment moderating.. i had a creepy one from someone i didn't know.. so it made me nervous...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

35 weeks and the parenting experiment

(sorry about the attire... when i come home from school this is all my body can handle... fitting clothes are becoming a scarcity)

35 down 5 to go... part of me can't believe that time has gone by so fast and that in 5 weeks there will be a lil' zoey in our lives! then there is the other part of me that is thinking WHAT?!?!? i still have 5 weeks.. you have got to be kidding me!! how much bigger can a person get.. im not that big to begin with where is this child going to go?!?!?! so apparently bi-polarism is taking over my mind. but in reality i am really excited about the upcoming weeks and CAN NOT WAIT TO MEET MY DAUGHTER!!!

she is currently around 5.5 pounds and 20 inches long.. she moves CONSTANTLY with alien like movements.. its so crazy to sit and watch my belly move about in weirdly contorted ways.. the best is when gary notices and is a little bit freaked out... but then he put his hand on my belly and then she really goes nuts!

so this week we had a wonderful and insightful experience.. one of my friends at school needed someone to watch her beautiful 9 month old daughter, Autumn.. so i voluteered... thinking hey we need to get used to this due to upcoming events... so i brought her to the house and the dogs went crazy.... sniffing, licking, and generally courious about who this person was and why was she in their house.. they eventually calmed down and went on with their day of sleeping and playing... then Autumn decided she was not so happy anymore and basically went on crying for about an hour... of course my first thought was "what the heck am i thinking.. i am not ready for this..." i think gary had the same feelings when he said "im glad you volunteered to watch her" after a bottle, toys, bouncing, games, gary playing with her, and a walk in the stroller, i realized a bottle might not be enough for her and since i was unable to find her food i took out a piece of bread and fed it to her and thankfully that was the magic trick! Autumn then started to enjoy spending time with us.. and gary loved playing games with her toes and keeping her occupied with a soda bottle...Autumn was quiet and after a bottle was asleep.. WE SURVIVED!!! I did feel much bettter about my parenting skills considering the child was alive, she was fed, and we were alive as well.. i did reassure gary that it is easier when its your own child.... i don't know if that made him feel better or not, but he was amazing helping me get pacifers, cooking dinner, and entertaining autumn!... but i guess in 5 weeks we will have a crash course in parenting with no return or end... cause i guess we can't give her back... nor do i want to!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

my adorable niece...

Though we haven't formally met.. i can already tell that she is adorable.. blogging world meet Samantha Colleen...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Too many things...

I know more than one post in a day... lame.. but i figured if i didn't do this today.. it might be weeks before i got the pictures off my camera and actually posted them on here... so here you go..

1. My dad, step-mom, and little brothers came into town this weekend and though we didn't do much.. it was fun to have them around and hang out with family. We did manage to take them out to McGuire's-the greatest restaurant on the the planet.. and as you can see from the picture below my dogs LOVE their uncle brett!

2. So one of the horrible side effects of my pregnancy has been constant runny/bloody noses, and TERRIBLE snoring! I even wake myself up sometimes! Its absolutely terrible and worse of all my poor loving husband has been reduced to sleeping in the guest room almost every night since we have moved in...(he tries to sleep in our bed every night and then inevitably lands up in the other room..) So tonight i am experimenting tonight with these remedies... any suggestions??

ps- the ear plugs are for Gary... hopefully we can sleep in the same room now...

3. Thanks to our wonderful friends... Zoey's room is just about complete.. notice the letters.. i painted them myself! i know i felt so martha! I just can't wait until there is a little girl living in there!

4. My amazing step-mom made this goregous blanket for Zoey! It's sooo soft and wonderful that i might steal it from Zoey!

5. Alright you must really like us to still be reading this... 34 weeks.. and apparently that turns you ghostly white... i don't know what happened to the pictures but i tried it several times and each time this is what came out.. so i gave in and looked ghostly! the good thing is this picture means only 6 more weeks! i'm excited to see Zoey.. and get some of my body back! Once again I encourage comparision with older pictures for the true effect...


My new niece Samantha Colleen was born today! She is beautiful and healthy! I can't wait to see her in person! Congrats to Kim, Tj and big brother Alex!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Christmas in March??

It has felt a little like Christmas around here... remember that feeling when you were a kid and you got presents that needed to be put together.. and you couldn't wait to unwrap them from their box and take out all the pieces and read the directions(men maybe dont understand that part)... and then were filed with the great sense of accomplishment for what you just assembled....

That has been my feelings the past couple of weeks with new baby stuff! I love it.. my mother-in-law gave us the bouncer and swing... and I bought the stroller and car seat! It was soo much fun to put it all together.. I love it!

My wonderful mother-in-law came over this past weekend and painted Zoey's room a very bright and froggy green (as you can see in the pictures)! At first I wasn't so sure about the color but i think its growing on me.. which is good cause there is no way we are repainting!

Our fence is also completed thanks to the wonderful efforts of my husband, father-in-law, and friend Hayden... man i'm so glad i'm prego and can't help with manual labor! it looks amazing! Our yard is also beginning to be cleared as well.. which is great!

Baby Zoey is now close to 4 pounds (according to the baby tracker), but when i went for an ultrasounds last week they said she was about 3 lbs 10 ounces... lets hope for small.. and she is about 19 inches (once again... doubtful considering she is half my child)