Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Climber Boy!

... just one of many things this boy has learned to climb on... don't worry I was right next to him...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

13 months old!

13 months old.. I am amazed by it everytime I think about it!

- bottles - milk.. lots and lots of milk!
- fruit - watermelon, strawberries, and grapes
- food - goldfish, gerber snacks, surfboard crackers
- dancing/music
- baby einstein
- mommy and daddy
- Zoey and whatever she is playing with
- the puppies
- playing outside
- climbing on EVERYTHING
- singing - especially Wheels on the Bus and Itsy Bitsy
- walking on his own
- water! loves to splash and then stick his face into the water.

- being put down if you were holding him
- teething - or maybe that is a dislike of ours! man it seems like its been weeks!
- not getting what he wants
- variety of food - veggies especially
- being dropped off at school

- dance/march
- turn in a circle
- understand simple directions
- sign "more" "food" "all done"
- blow kisses
- drink from a sippy cup
- eat from a snack cup
- be extremely PERSISTENT
- climb on EVERYTHING! - chairs, play table - starting to figure out how to put something next to an object to climb on... yeah we are in trouble.
We love you bubs!

weight: 20lbs 8%tile
height 28.5 inches 0-5%tile

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Zoey's Wedding

As we watched The Cake Boss today, I explained to Zoey that he was making cakes for people's weddings, Zoey described her own wedding..

- a chocolate cake that is white with blue polka dots
- a red dress with blue polka dots
- a crown to wear
- decorations including a Christmas tree
- She wants to be married in a castle like a princess

Then she said but who will be my prince? and I said well you have to wait and find out....

I guess we better start saving some money...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

oh boys..

... woke up to Dax laughing on the monitor.. go in his room to find him half naked with diaper thrown down, and pee on the floor.. awesome.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

One more week...

and Gary will finish his Master's Degree in 14 months.. while working a new full time job, having a new baby, being an amazing husband and dad! Great job babe! Zoey, Dax and I are EXTREMELY PROUD! We love you!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cheese Sandwiches

This is what Zoey eats.. at least once a day.. most of the time twice a day..

To make a cheese sandwich...

1 hot dog bun
1 slice of Kraft American Cheese

Defrosted hot dog bun for 22 seconds in the microwave, because I keep them frozen. Slice cheese in half, place them lengthwise on opened hot dog bun. Close hot dog bun. Smoosh hot dog bun closed. ENJOY!

That is my culinary master piece that feeds my child.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Panama City Beach

So, after getting back from 10 days in Tampa/Disney, we packed up again and headed to Panama City Beach for the night. Some of Gary's childhood friends were there, so we went to visit.. Grandma and Pop also came..

On the way over there Zoey showed us her new dance moves. She does this quite often.. just dancing the Zoey way...

For Lunch they had no child seats, but assured us they have done this before... let's just say it didn't last..

Zoey LOVED the attention from Grandma and Pop and all the pool time she got..

Gary and the boys woke up and went fishing and caught all the snapper they could.. mmmmm.

Dax won over the hearts of all the women and made friends with them, as they were more willing to tote him around...

Dinner! We brought home a ton of filets and shared them with Fran and Jen for watching our dogs. Gary grilled them and they were AMAZING!
On the way home Daxton showed us he learned to sign "more"... smart boy!


We celebrated Dax's birthday in Tampa, it was out last day there so we tried to cram everything in one day...

We invited family and friends over to celebrate with a little cake.. Dax was not so into it..

Poor tired baby boy...
At least all the kids were happy with the cake...
Dax finally got to sleep.. for 30 minutes.. poor kid.

Then it was off to Papa and Nana's for one more goodbye/dinner/birthday celebration..
Nana's cake for Dax
Of course Nana had some extra cupcakes, or "pupcakes" as Zoey calls them, for Zoey to decorate

Its good to know that Dax was consistent on his birthday..

Nana tried to coax Dax into eating by disguising a strawberry(one of his favorites)... Nope.. sorry Nana.

Dax at 12 months.. where did the past 12 months go? oh yeah i was sleep deprived! Dax you are now entering one of our favorite phases. You are mobile moving ALL OVER! a very very busy kid! You do not STOP from the time you wake up till the time you crash. You are generally a happy child, but when you are upset you definitely let us know. Your smile wins everyone over and are a handsome boy. You are still a peanut and tiny. You are STUBBORN.. and determined! You will try and try and try to do something until you get it. We love you bubs.

- mom, but is definitely a big fan of dad these days
- milk, still in a bottle
- strawberries, blueberries, grapes
- food
- walking/moving around
- dancing
- opening and closing doors
- looking out windows
- doing raspberries/spitting
- playing with toys - especially balls, anything with moving parts

does not like...
- being in one spot for too long
- being in a highchair or any restraint device

- walk, trying to run
- say mama, dada, ba - whole bunch of other gibberish - when he talks he has a lot to say
- wave bye bye and hi
- do "so big"
- understand small instructions - go get the ball, sit on your bum
- drink from a sippy cup
- give kisses and "love"
- sign more!

clothes - 9mos shorts 12-18 months outfits
diaper size 3
weight - under 20lbs

Tampa Trip Part 3 - Back to Tampa

When we got back from Disney we wanted to make sure we visited more with family and friends..

Our first stop back was to Kim and TJ's ... Zoey and Sam fell in love with each other and stayed up FAR to late playing dress-up...
Alex joined them in the morning..
Then it was over to Abuela's to visit with the Glenns! And apparently its more fun to watch Scooby-doo on a double bed on a 7 inch screen... Who needs a big screen TV?


Our last day at Disney.. definitely bittersweet! We had had sooo much fun while we were there, but man this place wears you out. So on our last day we decided to put our park hopper to good use and spend the day at Epcot and Hollywood studios. There wasn't much for Zoey at either so it was a perfect ending.

The main thing we wanted to see was Finding Nemo! It was pretty cool..

The best part was after the ride was the aquariums! They had a ton of things to look at INDOORS! which might have been the best part, it was sooo hot outside!

Then after we found a meet and great character spots.. we hadn't seen Mickey the whole time we were there, so this was out chance. Of course the wait was 45 minutes. This was the longest wait we had had the entire time we were at Disney... so of course we did it.. and it was worth it!

Gary had to get a pic with Donald...

and goofy...

Then we took the bus to Hollywood Studios, we arrived just as the Disney Jr Live show started so we had about 45 minutes to waste... thankfully Zoey got to meet the Little Einsteins..

and Handy Manny...

Then is was time for the show! This was the one reason I wanted to come to Hollywood Studios.. and it was WORTH IT! Just to watch Zoey's reaction to everything was priceless...

And to top it off she got a gold debloom! She could not have been happier!

and on the way home.. she passed out...