Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It's Official...

Our house is now officially up for sale! So now the waiting game begins... With the market so horrible right now Gary and I are sceptical as to the outcome of this whole thing, but we figure its worth a shot... we could get lucky!

To make matters even more complicated.. I have a job in Pensacola that is waiting for me, but Gary doesn't.. so now the questions becomes to move or not to move...Do we move even though our house isn't sold and only one of us has a job, but Pensacola is where we want to live? Or do we stay and keep living in Tampa which we don't like.... Being an adult has its disadvantages... I'm sure this summer will be an interesting one for both of us.. the good news is that we both have jobs here, so if our house doesn't sell then we will be o.k. staying here too.... We just REALLY want to move to P-cola (Pensacola).. But as Judge Judy said.. "if it's meant to be, it will be." And that's the philosophy we are trying to take... even though it can drive me CRAZY!!!!!

Here are some pictures of our house... and the MLS link just in case you know anyone who would like to move to Tampa...

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Birthdays and Countdowns!

33 years ago today in Milton, Florida my wonderful husband was born to two amazing parents!

For the next month and a day we are 10 years apart... yes my husband is now robbing the craddle!! hahaha

I can't believe that I was lucky enough to have snagged him, before someone else did! I can't believe he is mine and that I get to spend the rest on my life with him! I LOVE YOU BABE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

On a side note...
There are only 7 more days left of school until we have a BEAUTIFUL 3 month vacation. Needless to say I am STOKED!