Monday, August 27, 2007

too long...

Sorry it has been so long since my last post thanks for your continuous faithfulness to our blog.. things have been a little crazy around here.. and I think we are finally starting to settle into our new routine in our new city... things are going well here is a little recap of the past month....

Moved to P-cola: Crazy move!! such a long drive sooo much work! We are now living at Gary's parent's house... which is such a blessing!!!! they have been AMAZING to say the least!

Jobs: Gary finally got a job as an adaptive p.e. teacher in Escambia County!!! we were nervous for a while, but thankfully he was offered a job and started working two days after everyone else started!! He loves it. He travels between two schools working with physically and mentally impaired students from pre-k to high school... He is perfect for the job since he loves kids soo much and is so patient with them. HOooray for work!

Vacations: August 15th Gary and I took off from work and went to Philadelphia for the weekend! It was sooo much fun.. we took the train to New York and saw Time Square, the Naked Cowboy, Statue of Liberty (from a distance), the WTC construction site! So much walking but so much fun... the only thing I didn't do was buy a fake purse.. .bummer.. We headed back to Philly to spend time with Uncle Johnny and Aunt Mary and all the cousins! We headed into Philly and got a "steak wit wiz" which to people outside of Philly means a cheese steak with onions and cheese whiz! SOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! man I miss them! If you get the chance Pat's Steaks is the place to go.... We went to the historical sights but they were sold out... I know the history teacher didn't go see the historical sights.. but we got there late... Gary got his wish and we went to an Eagles game thanks to Uncle Johnny's season's tickets.. so much fun!!! Finally we went to Keith Urban concert on Saturday which was a amazing and a show i recommend even if you aren't a fan!

School: School started on Monday Aug. 20th with no major problems or issues... as I said to so many "same kids different place" since then school has been going fine other than the overwhelming urge to stay at home all the time and swim in the pool.. but I fear that will not be my situation for sometime... maybe next year I will be teaching on-line school by the pool... one can dream!!! Gary is enjoying his job as well!

House: We have NO good news on the house... oh well.. at least we have a place to live until Gary's parent's kick us out...

So if you are still reading this and haven't switched pages yet... then you must really care about us... so keep reading for more posts and I will try to stay on top of this better.. including pictures from Philly....once I find the cord that will connect to the computer... I think I know where it is.. but its a matter of going to get it.. and having the camera in the same place at the same time..

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We Made It!!

We have finally made it to our promised land... Pensacola, Florida!!! We got here Saturday after a VERY VERY LONG car ride with a moving truck and trailer that Gary drove and a car with no a/c that I drove.. I don't know which one of us had it worse. But we are here all of our stuff is now in storage, awaiting the sale of our house in Tampa. Everything is wonderful and we are loving our new city (except for the horrible heat we seem to have brought with us).

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Moving Phase I

In resonse to Todd and Jenny(see blog listed below).. I sooo have you beat... this is the state of our house!!! With only 2 more days in Tampa our house has started to disassemble... boxes are filling up and stacks are getting taller... its crazy! Gary and I just look at each other at the end of the night and think it's a surreal experience. I don't think either of us can imagine and understand leaving our house for the last time... but I guess we could always come back... since we will still be paying for the house!