Monday, February 18, 2013

Papa horse

In training

His wife will thank me one day....

Best valentine ever!


Zoey just read a book to me!

She is one smart cookie! Keep reading girl ... The world is yours!

Amazing movers!

We could not have moves without help... My parents drove up from Tampa for the weekend to help.. On Friday, mom and Judy helped me move the awkward items and by 11am we had accomplished what I had planned for the day.... So we shipped the kids to spend the weekend with grandma and nana and pop and papa helped us move with the help of chad! It was a lot of work... But with all the help it went pretty quick!

We moved!

After much diliberation... A lot of anxiety, patience, and finger crossing... A lot of work and most importantly a lot of help... We moved!! We put our house up for rent and decided to rent a house in Pace, FL... It's bigger and in a waaaay better school district! So we are happy! We have only been in a few days, but I know I am loving it! The kids are enjoying the extra space and sooo are we!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Two peas in a pod...

These two are quite found of each other recently... they are playing nicely together, helping each other, and offering treats and snacks to each other....

Dax wants to do everything just like his sister.... LOVE IT!

Side note... Dax has been going peepee and the occasional poop in the potty... WOOHOO!

Balloon Animal Zoo!

At Haley's birthday party, our neighbor Greg unveiled his talent of balloon artist... Zoey was in heaven! and it looked as though a balloon animal zoo was going to come home with us....

8 pm every night

 Around 8pm every night... Dax wanders into his room and gets his car of the day.... then proceeds to play cars... next to me, near me, or ON me.... it might be one of my favorite times of the day....