Monday, November 23, 2009


Zoey loves baby Haley! So its perfect practice for the upcoming baby!

Grandparent Pressure

I have been informed that I have not put up enough videos of my child recently... so here is one to appease the grandparent who was asking.. who will remain nameless.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Book Worm...

This girl loves to read.. She will bring you book after book to read.. over and over again.. as much as we hate reading the same books again and again, nothing is better than snuggling with our girl reading a good book... for the millionth time!

The Blues...

I love the Blue Angels! I am so proud that they are from Pensacola! If you ever get the chance to see them TAKE IT! They are amazing!

The Blues had there Welcome Home show this weekend, so Kathy, Judy, Geri, and I went out to see the show Friday since it was the last time Fat Albert was flying...

Love the precision even before they get in the plane!

Amazing as always!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Zoey wants everyone to know...

Due July 2010!

Zoey's First Report Card...

Zoey received her first report card from school this week.... It was hilarious!

Mostly Satisfactories, but a few needs improvements...

The comments were the best... especially about her sense of humor..

apparently she is the class clown.. I wonder where she gets it from...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Zoey's first costume of the day!

Showing off her costumes to Nana and Papa on the webcam!

Nana made her costume...

Complete with hair accessories... of course!

Baby Haley and Holly came over to play with us.. Zoey LOVES baby Haley!

Carving Pumpkins...

Zoey getting ready to 'help' mommy carve the pumpkin..

Spooning out the yucky insides...

Zoey does not like getting stuff on her hands... ever!

This is how Zoey helped most of the time...

The fruits of my.. I mean our labor...

18 Months

where has the time gone? Our little girl is 18 months old..

Zoey can..
- sign new words 'play' 'train'
- go from happy to sad at a moments notice
- throw temper tantrums
- sit in timeout when told to
- say a million new words and phrases

Zoey likes..
- cookies, fruit, mac n' cheese, fruit, cookies
- any food you are eating
- being 'nice' to the dogs
- baby Haley (our neighbor)
- TV
- playing
- books
- any kids or babies
- going to school
- playing dress up

Zoey doesn't like...
- being told no
- not getting her way
- going home from school
- getting her hands dirty