Friday, April 29, 2011


Our girl is 3 today... Every year I say it.. "I have a __ year-old" because every year I am amazed. Zoey, you are our princess in every sense of the word. You make us laugh, drive us crazy, and are smarter than any three-year-old should be. We love you more than you know.. and can't wait to see what happens next.. but for now.. just stop growing.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

10 months old!

My baby boy is 10 months old.. that means in two short months he will be one.. gees.. good thing he is a momma's boy, and I get all the snuggles.. cause he is growing up far too fast! You are a happy boy, quick with smiles and giggles. Dax you move much to fast and ALL THE TIME! You are a squirm-a worm! You love to splash in the tub and pool and jibber jab talking. You love your bottle, it calms you no matter what is going on... You want to be part of the action no matter what is going on, especially when mommy is involved.

Dax likes..
- to eat - feed himself
- bottles, even the sound makes him happy
- to laugh
- to be scared
- mommy- beginnings of separation anxiety
- putting EVERYTHING in his mouth, including dog food
- being with his sister, and doing what she is doing

Dax does not like..
- being put back or reset...
- being taken away from what he was playing with i.e. - the dogs water bowl
- not being able to crawl
- sitting for periods of time

Dax can..
- jibber jabber - like crazy no actual words but a lot of babababababab
- wave hi and bye bye
- dance to music
- walk assisted by us or a toy
- make animal noises - bunny, lion, pig, elephant, fish
- stand alone for 10-20 seconds
- crawl as fast as lighting
- walk along anything willing to hold him

Diaper size 3
Clothes size 9 month and some 12 month
shoes size 3

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pool is OPEN!

Ahhhh.. It is finally warm enough for the pool... we had our first venture this weekend! Zoey loved it of course... It was a bit too cold for Dax, but today Grandma blew up the little pool and filled it up. it was perfect! Zoey loved it.. Sam loved it (they are in town visiting!) and Dax was a rock star in the pool... he loved to splash, until he figured it out he could crawl out of it...


Zoey and Sam

Cool Surfer Dude...

By the way.. we are LOVING having Sam, Alex, Kim and TJ in town! the girls are playing together perfectly... and this is the second day I have left Zoey at Grandma and Pop's to play with Sam... Zoey loves it and doesn't want to come home... :)


Zoey LOVES the park.. any park will do! We went to a new park... and she loved it! It was pretty awesome... i will admit..
Definitely in need of more family days at the park..

Swim Lessons

Ahh Zoey.. showing her true colors...

I signed up Zoey for swim lessons, to help her get reaquanted with the water.. and maybe learn to swim.. and she was SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to go! until we got there... the first 2 lessons she screamed... and then it got better.. until they tried to put a life jacket on her... oh no.. not good.. Zoey is the one in the red life vest.. sitting outside of the pool...

That's my girl...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Disney On Ice!!!

Zoey is OBSESSED with Disney right now, in fact for her birthday we are having a princess party.. who knew I would have a girlie girl...

But nonetheless, Disney on Ice was coming to Pensacola, and Zoey was a perfect age to go, so we made is a "special" Mommy, Daddy, and Zoey evening, and dropped Dax off at Grandma and Pop's.. We didn't tell Zoey where we were going or what we were doing.. Stop #1 - McDonald's
... and we could have just done that and she would have been the happiest girl in the world. In fact she was upset to leave the play area at McDonald's... But we left and took her to Disney on Ice..

This is her face just at the reaction of seeing Disney items... hilarious!

Waiting with her daddy for the show to start.. poor girl was soooo excited and yet sooo sleepy..

and then it started...

She was soo excited to see all her favorites.. she would call them out one-by-one...

Princesses were by far her favorite... she is in love with Jasmine right now... so she was especially excited to see them.

Then intermission hit... and we had a lull of time... so a little popcorn was in order to brighten her spirits...

Then after intermission there was a lull of action... in other words... there were no characters she was interested in.. so Zoey turned toward her dad and started to fall asleep.... until... Gary saw Jessie getting ready to come on stage... so just in time I grabbed the camera to watch as Jessie saved Disney on Ice for us...

Oh jessie, woody and buzz.... thank you for showing up and saving Zoey's interest in Disney on Ice.

Needless to say.. she had a blast! and to top it off.. she got a light spinner in the end... how can you deny her one when EVERY kid had one.... On the way home I asked her what her favorite part was and she said "getting a spinner.."perfect...


This girl is fighting sleep all the time.. she is no longer napping.. which makes her fall hard when she is tired..

I'm so glad when Daddy comes home...

This is the scene everyday..

Zoey LOVES when daddy comes home... and so do I!

A good hiding spot...

I went into Zoey's room after it was quiet for a bit, always a scary time, and couldn't find Dax. Until I asked Zoey where he was.. and she quickly pointed to the bed...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday, April 4, 2011


he would do this all day if I let him..