Thursday, September 30, 2010

Zoey stories...

For memories' sake..

- We went looking for new fridges, and were out rather late, which meant Zoey hadn't eaten dinner (mother of the year). So on the way home we were going to stop at McDOnald's - sidenote: everytime we pass a McD's Zoey yells out "fries".. yes she is our kid! -
- so Gary asked her "Zoey do you want chicken or cheeseburger?"
- Zoey "Cheeseburger"
- so I asked again "Zoey do you want cheeseburger or chicken"... just like I always, to ensure that she says what she really wants to avoid a meltdown later..
- Zoey responds and says "Ahhhhhh (HUGE SIGH).. Mom, Daddy already asked me that.."

We could not stop laughing...

- We bought Zoey a piggy bank to help her learn to save money, so whenever we have left over change we place it in there (Sorry Dax). So when Grandma came over the other day to help with the fridge, Zoey brings her piggy bank out and asks grandma if she has any money for her to put in her bank... Then the other night Zoey brought out her piggy bank to us and said that it was hungry and needed to eat money.. Oh Zoey.. smart girl!

- Dax was crying in the car (common) and Zoey said to him.. "look Dax, look!" "it's ok Dax we are almost there." and "shhhhh, shhhh, shhhhh" Sweet girl!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

3 Months

This picture is a pretty good representation of month 3 with little Daxton.. You are a MUCH happier baby! and we are enjoying the time with you much more than we had, sad to admit, but TRUE! Daxton is wearing 0-3 months, and a few 3-6 month clothes. You are still tiny to us.. you eat and eat and eat.. but it doesn't seem to effect your size... You probably weigh about 13-14 pounds. You love soy formula and oatmeal at night before bed. You talk up a STORM, with shrieks and babbles, that make you laugh! There is almost a laugh coming, but not quite yet. Everyone says how BEAUTIFUL you are, and that you are "too pretty to be a boy." You do not like riding in the car still, but its getting better. You LOVE to hold something in your hands, often a blanket. You are sleeping through the night!!!!! Mostly between 8-10 hours! You go to sleep at 10 and wake-up by 8...You do not like your swaddle at night to sleep, and you try to break free nightly. You take between 3-4 naps a day, with a long one in the afternoon, this often falls when Zoey takes her nap, which makes mommy VERY HAPPY! You are quite the little flirt, and several girls in your life are obsessed with you.. but you are a momma's boy... remember that! We love you Dax...

Dax can..
- sleep 8-10 hours at night
- take 3-4 naps a day
- eat 3-4 TBSP of oatmeal
- talk and babble all day
- smile
- almost laugh
- do a half roll to his side
- hold his head up
- start to discover his hands/try to suck his thumb or fingers
- break out of a swaddle blanket

Dax likes...
- when you talk to him
- playing in his ocean play gym
- bouncer seat
- to see what is going on
- sitting up in the corner of our couch

Dax doesn't like...
- being swaddled at night
- tummy time
- being left alone, or with no one paying attention to him
- the bumbo seat :(
- riding in the car/carseat

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So blessed...

Last week was kind of a crazy one.. I had a conference in Orlando, my mom and dad came up to watch the kiddos, along with Gary's parents.. then we met up in Tallahassee for the FSU v. BYU game. It was a lot going on.. and in the middle I realized how amazingly blessed I am that I have sooo many people willing to help out and watch my kids!

The other bonus was we got to see my Aunt Sheila, uncle Rick, and cousins Matt and Kelly! We love hanging out with them and wish it would happen more often.. But nevertheless I am soo happy we were able to be together for a few hours... even is they were FSU fans! Sadly this is the only picture I got...

Happy Boy!


Come on.. how freaking cute is that!?

Sunday, September 5, 2010


The week Gary started school, Zoey didn't, so I was left alone with both kids... I thought I was quite adventurous and took both kids over to Fort Walton Beach to the Gulfarium.. mostly because I thought it was indoors and Zoey LOVES seeing animals! Well it is mostly outdoors... but thankfully both kids did AMAZING! It was a perfect size for Zoey, enough for her to see and do, and not be overwhelmed. Best of all it wasn't crowded! and Zoey still talks about it... so SUCCESS!

This was Zoey's favorite part because she got to see Nemo and Dory! I loved it because it was indoors, a nice place to feed Dax and had chairs!

The coolest part about this place was you could get right up next to the tanks! and they were perfect Zoey height... she loved watching the Sea Lions.

Daxton enjoying the day!

Mommy and Zoey enjoying the day!

Zoey at the Dolphin Show... I swear she would have jumped in with them!

Just after it jumped.. horrible shutter speed!

The Dolphin and Sea Lion show! The shows were pretty cool..

Dax enjoying the show!

All-in-all a fun day with my two kids! More importantly I survived and so did they!

... and then Zoey spilled an entire milkshake on her and her carseat... it was AWESOME!

Rewind #3

?? 2009:
Just Zoey being cute... where did this little girl go..

although we still see the tutu...all the time!

Rewind #2

Gary and I headed down to Tampa/Orlando/Lakeland for the weekend to go see Jimmy Buffett! The trip was made even better since Darrin, Joy, Milton, and Kathleen joined us. Darrin got us into the VIP section and had free refreshments all day, and then got our seats upgraded as well! soo much fun! We definitely need to do this again!

Gary and Milton sporting the cool hats they gave us.

Kathleen looking HOT in the hat as well.

The boys and the Landshark girls... I think Milton liked them the most!


Darrin helping Milton... aww soo sweet!

Rewind #1

Soo.. You ever use an old camera and then forget to take the pictures off... well I did..

Gary and I traveled with Mom and Dad Mattes up to Richmond, VA for Gary's cousin's wedding! We had a blast!

Gary and I just hanging around.. at the rehearsal dinner

Me, Mike Iaconelli (the Groom), and Mom

Becky Mattes (the bride), Mike (sorta), Gary, and Me

Gary sharing with Mike... Mike looking ever so BUSTED!

Gary and I before the wedding!

We LOVED the trip and can't wait to see the Virginia crowd again!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010