Friday, January 9, 2015

A sweet moment

All sports all day...

Much needed family time!!

The best part of Christmas Break was family time... It was so nice to just spend time with our little family for almost the entire break.

Me and my boy

Christmas at grandmas and cousins!!

After Christmas we headed over to Grandmas and had some time with her and Alex and Sam. :)

Legos with cousins!

Then we stole Sam and Alex for the night..

In the morning there was a silly string fight...

These four are my favorites!

Christmas Day

Children were up bright and early... wanting to open presents as soon as possible..

Zoey showing off her Harry Potter Legos!

Daxton's "iPad"

Zoey's Samantha Doll and the aftermath...
The rest of the day we did nothing! no where to go and no where to be.... I didn't even cook dinner.. we went and picked up Chinese food... it was PERFECT!

Christmas Eve

The kids declared Christmas eve "Game Night".. so we played a few rounds of Trouble.

Decorated Cookies..

Tracked Santa

and left a sweet treat for Santa...

Gingerbread village

Papa, nana, Brett and steve visit!!!

Papa, Nana, Brett and Steve came to visit for a few nights... when they arrived, they ambushed us with a snow ball fight!

After it was time for hanging out.. and wrestling..
.. and wii..

.. and nana's ipad...

in the morning it was more of the same...

We went to dinner and then did Christmas presents!

After children were asleep.. we went out back to play some darts.. and steve fell..

December school activities

Random December pictures