Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Soccer games!

Soccer games are now part of our Saturday mornings! I love them! Dax is on average scoring 3-4 goals per game.. he LOVES playing... even when there isn't a game going on.

Zoey is learning more and more about defense, her favorite spot to play in. She is doing great job and improving every game!


Easter was fairly low-key, just us and grandma and juju! Easter prep was in full swing with bunny drawing and egg dying!

Of course on Easter we have a egg hunt... Zoey and Dax were upset the Easter bunny did not come and leave eggs over night.. so Daddy had to call to ask him to bring the eggs later.. Thankfully he obliged the request. :)

Zoey and Dax showing off their "dirt" cups with grandma!

Oliver's favorite part of Easter!


Soccer has started again... and I am loving it!
Zoey is on the U8 Lions and Dax is on the U6 Stars!

The egg drop

Zoey had to create a container to drop an egg from a power truck... and thankfully it was on Daddy's Spring Break.. so he got to come..

And the egg survived!!!

Daxton's spring break

Unprovoked child labor

Dax being Dax ...

There is really no explanation for these pictures.. other than.. its Dax being Dax.

Spring break day 5

Zoey ended her Spring Break with wanting to make a power point.... one smart cookie.

Spring break day 4

Zoey chose to bake! so that is what we did. :)

Spring break day 3

Zoey picked to go tot he MESS Hall, which is a science/childrens'/hand on museum. I didn't know how long we would be there, but we ended up spending 2+ hours there! She loved doing all the science experiments!

Then is was Panera! Finally a new restaurant that she loved!

Spring break day 2

For Zoey's second day, she decided to go to the NAS Naval Air Museum and watch the Blue Angels fly.. it was so fun to have her be in charge of where to go in the museum. :)

Then we picked up Dax and went miniature golfing!

.. and ended with ice cream!