Tuesday, August 30, 2011


 Monday was the first day of school for Zoey and Dax. They both attend St. Luke's UMC Preschool. Zoey attended there last year, and now this is Dax's first year! Zoey is in the Ocean 3-year old room, and Dax is in the Barnyard 1-year old room. Zoey was BOUNCING off the walls to go to her new room..

1st Day of School! Zoey picked out her outfit all by herself!

Ready for school! She was very excited about her Mystery Machine lunchbox...

After dropping off Zoey in her room, and no tears from her! Dax was off and running to his room...

But then once we got there.. he tried to leave. He is reaching up to the lock the closes the gate... He cried but only for a bit! 

And I am excited to have 4 hours a day to work and get things accomplished! But sure do miss those kids while they are away... and so far they are both so worn out from the day that they come home and crash!


Last Days of Summer...

It's been sooooooooooo HOT here.. as is EVERYWHERE.. so it's a rare occasion that the kids go outside without it involving swimming, but the kids had been inside all day and I cracked. So we went outside in the evening for a little play time.. I think we lasted 30 minutes...

yup.. that's Dax eating chalk...

Friday, August 26, 2011

14 months!

Dax is 14 months! its getting better and better everyday!

Dax can..
- sign more, drink, food, milk
- say hello, bye bye, something that sounds like backpack(he learned this from Dora)
- pretend to talk on a cell phones and play with fake food/kitchen
- dance
- get into EVERYTHING!
- throw a temper tantrum
- make animal noises for lion (his favorite), dog, duck, pig, bunny, almost a cow (right now it just sounds like mmmmm... )

Dax likes..
- food! especially grapes
- bottles - this boy is addicted!
- his mama
- playing
- getting into every door/drawer/box
- to be sung to

Dax does not like..
- being told no
- not getting what he wants

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Before and After: Countertops!

For the past two days, our house has been a mad house.. We decided to get granite countertops in the kitchen and bath, and now understand why people pay for it to be done before they move in!
It was a bit crazy but WORTH IT! I love my new countertops... 

DURING: imagine.. this with two kids.. for two days!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


 Kim, TJ, Alex, and Sam came in for a whirlwind weekend! We LOVE when they come to town! Zoey especially loves it, because SAM is here... As soon as I told her Sam was in town, she did not stop talking about Sam until we got there... not anyone else.. just Sam!

Of course we had to go swimming.. and thankfully Pop is happy to oblige/do whatever the girls want to do.

Alex jumping off the diving board! Such a big kid!

Sam wanted to hold Dax .. so cute!

These two were in their own little world! It was awesome!

Our attempt at  a group shot...

Poor Alex was so sad to leave.. we were sad to see them go... thankfully there is another wedding in October that they will be back for! Can't wait!


In another effort to have fun before the kids return to school, we headed out to the beach with Holly and Haley. I am soooo glad that they came with us, since Zoey and Haley are like two peas in a pod, and Holly was there to help wrangle Dax - this was his first trip to the beach!! He LOVED IT! He did amazing and was soo good! 

First explorations into the sand..

Zoey and Haley! Monkey see Monkey do!

Dax trying to figure out how to walk in the sand...

 All the kids playing in the sand!

Then Dax discovered the cooler with drinks and ice...

This kept him occupied for a good 20 minutes.. he would pick a piece out and then drop it in the sand, pick it up and then put it in his mouth... YUM!

Exploring the water...


 Dax actaully sat with me for a good 20 minutes! It was amazing!

Zoey played in the sand forever!

After we headed out to get some lunch.. and the restaurant had pirate patches so of course we had to put one on Dax.. poor kid.

Such a fun day!