Monday, July 23, 2007

At this point...

I am willing to try anything!!! On Friday I got home from "work"(the summer camp that I work at for only 15 hours a week) to an unusual package in our mailbox. My first thought was, "what did Gary buy off the Internet?" Then I saw it was from my in-laws???? I was even more surprised to open the package and see this....

It says, "Hi kids! Follow the instructions inside the box- I can see you rolling your eyes- but I've heard it works!!! It's worth a try! Love, Mom" So after Gary looked at the box he really did roll his eyes... man she knows him...

3 PAGES OF INSTRUCTIONS!!!!!! Mostly preaching to you, but some instructions.

Gary's mom sent us a mini-statue of St. Joseph, with instructions.

Apparently it is a Catholic belief that if you bury a statue of St. Joseph in your backyard facing the house, then you will sell your house... and like I said.. at this point I will try anything.... we will see! I buried the statue on Saturday and oddly enough the same day I had someone call about the house.. (the guy who came by TWICE to see the house) of course I didn't recognize the number and didn't pickup and of course they didn't leave a message. I guess that could be a good sign though... keep your fingers crossed and your prayers to St. Joseph.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

2 Weeks to go!!!

Only two more weeks before we are adios from Tampa!!! And I can't wait!!! Although I have put off packing anything yet I am certainly looking forward to packing up and heading north! And believe it or not I am looking forward to the school year... I know weird!

No news on the house, we reduced the price and still nothing... So it would appear that we are moving to Pensacola with no home of our own... in-laws here were come! Hopefully that will change in the near future.. cross your fingers for us!

16 more days until we are Pensacolians!!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Finally Some News....

It's a good thing that we decided to move to Pensacola because now BOTH, Gary and I have reasons to move.... Gary is the new head coach for the varsity boys soccer team at Booker T. Washington High School!!!

We took a trip up to Pensacola this week for the last time as tourists.. Gary had 3 interviews with schools and one was at Washington. He has some job leads while we were there but nothing definitive yet... keep your fingers crossed that Gary gets a job and that our house sells soon. We haven't had any bids on our house, but a couple of nibbles, keep us hopeful that we will sell our house and that we won't have to live with my in-laws for very long. I'm sure they will be sick of us soon.

I went to my new school and saw my new classroom, I am so happy that I am moving I have a new room that is all mine!!! I am teaching world history honors and American history honors and regular. American History is a new subject for me but I should survive....

Only 27 more days until we are Pensacolians!!!