Tuesday, November 26, 2013

distinct difference....

I walk over and see Daxton LICKING the computer screen....

me: "what are you doing?!? you don't lick the computer screen"
D: "It told me to use my mouth"
computer game repeats: "use you MOUSE to click on the biggest number"
me: "buddy it said your MOUSE not MOUTH."


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Good to know...

Me "I'm selling some stuff to make room for your new toys.."
Z: "like what?"
Me: "Your legos"
Z "No"
Me: "Your Barbies"
Z "No"
Me: "Rocket (her Guinea Pig)"
Z: "No"
Gary Mattes "mommy?"
Z "..................."
Me:" HEY!"

bottle this up....

just a small moment from the day...

Zoey got off the bus and told Dax she had a special surprise for him.... When we walked in the door, she gave him a dinosaur that she picked out for him from her "treasure box" at school for her good behavior!

makes me smile and think... maybe they do like each other.....