Thursday, April 29, 2010

2 Years

Today our little girl turns two... I can't believe that its only been two years, I can't imagine my life not being Zoey's mom.

Zoey thank you for making me a mom. You are the best girl in the world. I love you more and more everyday!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tampa Part IV: Fun with Cousins!

After spending the first part of our week with Papa and Nana, we headed back to Tampa for some time with cousins!

One of the best things about Tampa are all the COUSINS! first cousins, second cousins, and cousins that we don't know how they are related!

Quite possibly the BEST picture we have ever gotten of Sam and Zoey.. this one is for grandma! Everytime kimber and I tried to take a picture of the girls we would only get one of their faces...

We headed to Gator Fred's an AMAZING indoor play place for kids from 2-10.. They had bounce places which all of them loved!

A dress-up area, Zoey was not such a fan..

Then they had different areas, restaurant, vet office, and gym. The kids spent most of the time playing in the fire house riding fire engines.

Zoey's favorite was the shopping cart and grocery store. She pushed the cart around for about 2 hours!

The next night we headed over to my cousins Adrienne's house for dinner and bubbles! I love these guys! Alex and gabby are the cutest girls ever and they love zoey! Gabby kept saying, 'Zoey is so cute!'

Gavin LOVES Zoey! All he wanted to do is touch her face and be next to her. So cute!

Unfortunately Zoey spent much of the time running away from Gavin... good girl run away from boys!

Needless to say Zoey loves her cousins and bubbles.. as they are in her hair in this picture!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tampa Part III: The Aquarium

On Tuesday, we decided the Florida Aquarium was too big a trip, so instead we went to the Tarpon Springs Aquarium, and it was PERFECT! Big enough for zoey to be entertained and small enough not to go crazy!

This was one of Zoey favorite things.. the touch tanks! She did not want to leave, she just wanted to play with the water and touch the turtles and crabs. I'm telling you this girl had NO FEAR!

She even touched the Aligator! No fear Zoey no fear!

Checking out the HUGE aquarium with Nana...she loved the big fish!

She was not so excited about the snakes.. i couldn't blame her. They just sat there.

Next the coral reef tank... she made sure to point out Nemo and Dory for Papa.

A 250lb GROUPER! I only add this because I didn't know this is what a grouper looked like!

Zoey's other favorite part was the sting ray tank! All she wanted to do was touch the sting rays!

Attached to the aquarium was a little play area... first we tried the ball pit, but got stuck and papa and nana had to rescue Zoey.. mom couldn't fit in the tunnel!

She much more enjoyed the jump house! HILARIOUS!

Tampa Part II: The Zoo!

On Monday we ventured to Lowry Park Zoo and had a BLAST!

First was the birds! All Zoey kept saying was 'come here birds.'

Then the merry-go-round.. I thought she would freak out while on the ride... The freak out didn't occur until we got off the ride.. then HOLY meltdown.

After some food... She got VERY excited about riding the choo choo train! Papa would do anything for Zoey so he rode the train despite motion sickness! What a good Papa!

Next the petting zoo! She LOVED IT! She had no fear about animals! Especially feeding the goats! She still talks about feeding the goats!

Quite possibly my favorite part was the giraffes! We were close to extreme meltdown status until the giraffe! We walked up so you could be face-to-face with the giraffe!

Zoey loved it! Then the giraffe licked her on the face! HILARIOUS! Zoey was cracking up.. and even now when you ask her what the giraffe did she says... 'he try to lick a tongue' SOOO CUTE!

All-in-all the zoo was a blast! Its an amazing zoo with soo much for kids to do! I am sure we will be back as soon as we are in Tampa again!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Tampa Part I: Fun with Papa and Nana

Our first stop while in Tampa was Papa and Nana's house!

Playing in the neighbor's play house...

Papa showing Zoey the best way to eat ice cream sundays!

She's a quick learner.

Cooking with Nana...

...and eating with Papa.

Zoey LOVED washing the car with Papa! Child labor at its finest!

A picnic at the park with Papa, Nana, and Steve.

Looking for the fish..

Feeding the birds with Papa, because Zoey dropped her plate of food.

A short visit with Steve...

Thursday, April 15, 2010


While trying to put Zoey to sleep in a big girl bed... I was laying next to her with my eyes closed, she started rubbing my head and face. Then leaned over and kissed me. Just like I do to her.

Sweet girl!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Just a preview....

Zoey and I are in Tampa this week for a couple of weddings and some grandparent time, so here is a video of what we have been doing... more to come!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


We went to Pop and Grandma's house for Easter this year. They set-up a little Easter Egg Hunt for Zoey... she was a natural!

Just starting to look....

Putting all her eggs in one basket.

Then she figured out there was something in the eggs...

She had no desire to hunt for eggs.. she wanted them opened...

And went to everyone for help opening the eggs to get her cookies, goldfish, and m&m's...

So proud of herself!

Grandma helped too!

Not bad for a two-year old's first Easter Egg hunt

Projects, Projects, Projects....

Project #1 - Not done by us.. but paid for by us.. A Sunroom, so Zoey can have a little more room to play, while still being confined!

Project #2 - Built by Gary, an outside play area for Zoey to play and be confined, and keep the dogs out. She loves it! We put her playhouse and sand box in there!

Project #3 - Done by Emily, finished by Gary! A perfect accent for Daxton's room, which Gary will paint while Zoey and I are in Tampa, sooo excited to see it done.

Zoey will also be getting her 'big girl' bed while we are gone... Gary has quite a list of 'honey-do's' to complete...

My litte cook!

Zoey helped mommy make chocolate chip muffins. She was quite the helper!


Scooping the batter into the cups.

Anxiously waiting...

All done!

Enjoying the muffins! MMMM...