Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Publix cashiers!

Publix is amazing! They volunteered to let Zoey and Dax help check out our groceries...
of course they loved it!

Massages by z and d

Zoey and Dax offered to give Abuela and I massages.... for an hour... it was heavenly..

Back to Tampa.... Again

Our LAST trip to Tampa for the Summer... this time it was for work... but of course we managed to sneak in some fun!

On Sunday, we met up with Sam and Alex at Airheads... its was great! Trampolines as far as the eye can see... and video games... a kids paradise!

Papa and Nana came to join the fun!

Of course you have to ride the carousel!

Random summer

Zoey reenacting Frozen on a stormy afternoon...

Scooters + Sprinklers = Perfect summer afternoon.

Visiting Daddy at work to see the Goats!

Zoey's beautiful hair

End of summer fun!

With only a little bit of summer left.. we tried to squeeze in as much as possible... Some friends were staying in Gulf Shores, so we crashed their condo for the day, and made some new friends

Some kids can't hang!

Diving board!!

More fun with cousins!

To say that we love having Sam and Alex close is an understatement! We only wish we could live close all the time!

Planes: Fire Rescue!


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cousins in the pool!

Nothing better than summer and cousins!

New park

A new park was built near Grandma and Pops! Perfect!

Tampa part 3

The end of the trip was great! Time with uncles!

I got to visit Norma. I haven't seen her in a few years.. and she is sharp as a nail! Seeing her always reminds me of my Abuela!

The many faces of Dax eating a donut...

The Walker's came to visit all the way from Utah! I hadn't seen them in 10+ years, and it was the first time they met the kids! It was soo much fun to see them again!

We took them to the beach... and I confirmed that Pensacola beaches are WAY better...

Saying good-bye to Ca...

Tampa part 2

Fun with Friends!

1st stop seeing Sam and her ADORABLE twins!

Then bowling with Jessica, Jacob, Kelsey, and Jackson!

Then to the mall for lunch! Love these kids!

Children's museum with Sam!

After we went to the waterpark out side and all was great, until Dax got his first goose egg! Thankfully after a few minutes and hugs he was good to go...