Friday, May 28, 2010


I love the effects of swimming for two hours!

Betty Crocker watch out...

This girl looooooves to make muffins.. It is the activity that is requested at least twice a week! too cute!

35 weeks

Yeah still have 5 more to go....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Little Smart Pants

Everyday she amazes me with something new...

Before we left to go to the doctor yesterday ... I told zoey "let's go" and she said "vamanos mommy"...

Monday, while at Chik-fil-a, she looked at the building and said.. "that's made of bricks like the big bad wolf"

About a week ago we were driving and stopped at a stop sign and said "that's an octagon". I said "what is?"... "the stop sign"... duh mom?!?!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Zoey and Cyrus...

Zoey put Cyrus to bed last night...

doesn't he look excited? What a good dog to put up with it.

"seriously mom?... seriously?"

Slip n' Slide

For Gary's birthday, Zoey got a slip n' slide... yes I typed that correctly. She also got a play computer. She is a daddy's girl! So Sunday we took it out for a test slide... she liked playing with it, but she didn't quite get the full concept.

Daddy trying to show her the way...

Having fun!

Daddy trying to show her the way .. again..

Zoey found it more fun to sit in the water and drink it... and occasionally dump it out on the grass...

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Zoey LOVES "bluesberries" She can eat a whole pint in a matter of days if I let her. And this is how she eats each individual blueberry....

Friday, May 14, 2010

Zoey and Pop

Zoey has developed a love of her Pop! She always asks about him.. and the best is whenever we leave Pop and Grandma's house, we have to do the same thing.. everytime!

Extreme Home Makeover: Living Room

This one was a splurge... We have talked about getting rid of our TV and entertainment center for awhile, since it takes up SOOO much room in our MUCH smaller living room. So we found a deal and went for it! and of course WE LOVE IT!

Extreme Home Makeover: Zoey's Room

While Zoey and I were in Tampa, she got a 'Big Girl' bed and dresser! She loves it, and so far has done amazingly well in it!

The first day she tried to get up a few times, but eventually fell asleep. Every once in awhile she will 'play' instead of taking naps, but overall a HUGE success and a HUGE worry gone! Now the crib and changing table are Daxton's and 'only babies sleep in cribs'!

Zoey's complete new room...

Her dresser

The Big Girl Bed!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Extreme Home Makeover: Daxton's Room

While Zoey and I were in Tampa, Gary got busy on an Extreme Home Makeover.

Daxton's room got painted and furniture was set-up.

Don't you love the stripes! Grandma and JuJu came over to help. It turned out AMAZING! The furniture was Zoey's, since now she has a big girl bed... Gary and I did the letters for his name, the letters were donated from Hayden and Jenn, just like the crib and changing table.

Just can't wait for lil' Dax to be here!

Friday, May 7, 2010

32 Weeks....

Yikes.. Horrible picture.. sorry!

Heat and pregnancy do not go together! Thankfully other than that I am feeling great! Somedays I feel HUGE and others I feel barely pregnant.. I should compare myself to when I was pregnant with Zoey.. I am sure there is a difference. I now begin two week appointments at the doctor. Zoey comes with me to 'check on baby daxton' its pretty cute to see.. Daxton is moving and grooving all over the place, he is starting the alien like movements, but mostly stays in the same place and just kicks all over. I can't wait to see this little munchkin! My MIL and I were talking yesterday, about what he will look like, and be like.. and it just made me more and more excited about Dax's arrival! Things are all set for work, and even though I work from home, I am excited about the break! Even though it won't be much of a break with two little ones! Can't wait till July!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our Two-Year Old Girl

Mostly for memory sake...

Zoey likes.. .
- mommy.. since she is home with me now, I can't get out of her sight..
- coloring
- watching videos of herself from the blog
- typing on the computers
- her big girl bed!
- her dollhouse
- playing outside
- chocolate, cookies, ice cream, fruits, chips, french fries
- doing it by herself
- books
- playing with mommy and daddy
- baby Daxton.. so far.. she talks about him all the time... cross your fingers
- dancing to 'funny clown'
- singing songs.. but only she can sing them
- telling mom and dad 'no way' or 'no mam'
- watching tv she is into curious george, dora, sesame street, and Super Why
- making muffins with mommy
- help mommy clean

Zoey can..
- say complete sentences, on her own.
- create her own sentences and thoughts
- jump
- drink from water bottles without assistance... bye-bye sippy cups
- sleep in her big girl bed!
- run
- make us laugh instantly
- recite lines from books.. that have been read to her a million times
- say her ABC's (and you can understand every letter)
- count to 20
- name most shapes (hexagon is her most impressive) and colors
- parrot say anything we say.. yes its already been a problem
- have a meltdown in 2.5 seconds for no reason at all

Zoey does not like..
- being told no (shocking)
- taking naps.. she will still go down, but fights it
- leaving mommy
- not getting her way
- you trying to sing with her

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Zoey's Rainbow

I gave her the colors in order.. but not too bad for a two-year old!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Zoey's 2nd Birthday Party!

Gary had one more present for Zoey's Birthday... a Bounce house!

She loves it! and asks for it about once a day...needless to say it a 'daddy toy'

Zoey getting ready for her party! This is her 'cheese' face...

All the kids enjoying the bounce house...

Blowing bubbles with Pop and Autumn... Zoey and Autumn became great friends!

Zoey finally figured out how to blow bubbles!

Great friends make a great party! Thanks to everyone for coming!

Finding Nemo cake! from Publix of course!

Zoey enjoying her cake!

More Birthday Festivities...

After the beach, we waited until Daddy got home to give Zoey her present, a dollhouse.

Needless to say she liked it just a bit...

Even though her party was Saturday, we had to give her a cupcake for the occasion.

Zoey's unique eating style...

All-in-all she had a great birthday!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Beach Birthday!

For Zoey's actual birthday we went to the beach to celebrate...

First Zoey had to chase the birds.. she is yelling 'Come here birds'

Then it was on to a little shell searching...

Zoey got a little brave and decided to try going into the water.... a little nervous at first...

Then she was all about it.

After she took a digger into the water... not so happy about that.

All in all a PERFECT way to spend a two-year old's birthday.