Thursday, December 3, 2009

19 months.. a few days late!

Someone took my sweet precious Zoey and replaced her with a child that is already going through her terrible two's... We will see if Zoey makes it through the next couple of months.

Zoey can..
- sing and do the hand motions for "Wheels on the bus" "Popcorn popping" "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
- look through books and identify most objects
- identify letters - E L M O
- sign 'read' 'book' 'mom' 'dad' 'grandma' 'pop' 'all gone'
- starting to sing "ABCs"
- bite - unfortunately this has happend at school far to many times
- say phrases
- throw temper tantrums

Zoey likes..
- saying 'no no no'
- reading books
- playing outside
- seeing airplanes, trains, trucks, and buses
- seeing other kids and babies
- playing with her puppies
- throwing temper tantrums for no reason
- milk
- watermelon, grapes, fruit

Zoey does not like..
- listening to mom and dad
- going to timeout
- being told no

Here's to hoping that my sweet Zoey will return... and soon!

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