Wednesday, April 7, 2010

28 weeks!

I guess to others I am just beginning to show...

I beg to differ!

Pregnancy is going great!
- Daxton is moving and grooving all the time! I love it, except when he is kicking my ribs!
- Sleeping is becoming more and more difficult, just ask my sweet husband, who endures my constant movement, snoring, and awkward sleeping positions!
- I already feel like my feet are swelling.
- My belly button is slowly disappearing... Dax is stealing it!
- Zoey talks about Dax all the time.. its so sweet, all the things she is going to share, where Dax is going to swing.. and so on.
- I have gained 8 pounds!.. but never lost all the Zoey weight...
- Sweets/fast food/junk foods are a regular part of my diet...mmm!
- Feeling good... no complaints..

Can't wait to meet this lil' man!

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