Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dax is 2!!!!

Dax is one lucky boy! He got to celebrate his birthday twice this year!! We have been in Tampa visiting while Gary is in training, so we first celebrated on Sunday at Nana and Papa's house...

and then played with his toys from papa and nana.. the lawn mower was a BIG hit!

Then on his actual birthday we had a whole lot of family over to celebrate again... originally Gary wasn't going to be able to be there... but he drove after his training two hours to surprise the kids! BEST. DADDY. EVER!

The house was PACKED! so lucky to have so much family here that loves Dax to come celebrate on very short notice!

Dax is our no longer the baby in the family! you are such a big boy.. a momma's boy! You are smart, and do not miss a THING! You always want to go and go and go and go, whether its in a car, or just playing! you are non-stop motion. You are such a sweet boy, always coming up and giving random kisses and asking for hugs. You love your sister, and love to annoy the heck out of her. Its not hard to do, but you always find the perfect way to. When you were 18 months old, I was worried because you barely spoke.. now I am more concerned with how to make to stop talking! Everyday you amaze us with something new, you always know how to make us laugh, especially when you are getting in trouble. And trouble is your middle name. Your favorite word is "no" no matter what we are asking. Whenever we ask how old you are you say four.... Please stop growing little man, we like you just the way you are.

Dax at 2...

- sing ABC's, Red Solo Cup, all the songs on mommy's itouch (kid songs)
- count to 11 but get caught up on a few numbers
- jump, run, skip
- climb on EVERYTHING
- annoy your sister in 2.5 seconds
- make us laugh even faster
- not stop talking!

- chicken and fries, popsicles, snacks, chippies (chips), chocolate milk
- FRUIT - I swear you are a fruititarian
- your baba... I think you may be in kindergarten before you stop drinking out of a bottle
- mommy but daddy is a close second
- playing outside
- playing with whatever Zoey is playing with

doesn't like...
- doing anything you don't want to do.. you stubborn boy
- being told no
- going to timeout
- going away from mom

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