Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Facebook updates

With not a lot of "huge" events going on.. its the little updates on facebook that seem to be fueling our life..

Go to target to get pants for Dax... Come out with 4 things for him, 0 things for me, and 6 things for zoey.... Damn she is good!

Love that as I'm dropping off zoey at school she asks "why are we always late?".... Umm two reasons zoey and Dax

Kids at grandmas tonight! We are going to celebrate by going to bed early... And sleeping in late!! Living it up parent style!

Seeing my husband at work makes me even prouder to be his wife! 

Sweetest thing I heard all day (in a whisper) "mommy give me nose kisses" - Dax

Best text of the day - Gary saying lets go out to eat for dinner!

I wish to vote to revoke day light savings.... For all the parents

Six years ago I married my best friend.... And he has turned into the best husband and best daddy! Can't wait for whatever is next! I love you! 

There are moments ... Few and far between ... When my kids are sooo nice and sweet to each other..... And then they despise each others existence....

Love that Dax was singing the abcs after we put him to bed... Even better that he cheered for himself when he was done! Love that munchkin

Slept in till 8 the past two mornings and took a nap today.... Am I on vacation??

Daddy gets cheers when he gets home.... Mommy gets yelled out.... Typical          

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