Monday, January 14, 2013

My Abuelie....

My Abuela passed away today.... I am soo happy that she was my abuelie.. She lived an amazing life and was an amazing abuela. I am so thankful she got to meet both of my kids and was at my wedding... but I am more thankful that she was with me for 29 years! It truly will be the little thing I remember most about her...

I will remember my abuela..
- for coming to my house EVERY Thursday for as long as I can remember...
- ironing all my clothes
- making dinner on Thursdays
- having carrots with ice ready for when we get home
- her perfectly groomed hair
- using Spanish swear words without caution
- explaining what all the curse words mean
- scratching my back with her perfectly manicured nails
- claiming she made something when it really came from a can
- always asking if I wanted food, but then telling me I would get to fat
- telling me I would never find a man and get married if I continued to eat like that
- flat santa, chicken eyeballs
- regular coke in the outside bar fridge... but only one was allowed
- sick days on her couch
- pretending I was sick for sick days on her couch
- being her favorite...
- trips to Pisgah and the beach
- all of the things in her purse.... the mounds and mounds of things
- knowing that if you needed anything it was in her purse...
- car rides with her gripping the door as hard as she could...
- her love of my grandfather and the way my grandfather treated her...
-most of all that she was my abuelie and no one else could replace her

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