Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Facebook updates....

Zoey to Dax - "stop looking at me"
Dax in another room, "I'm looking at you..."
Z- "I SAID Stop.."
D - "I'm looking at you still..."
Z- "MOOMMMM! He's looking at me"
Me - "zoey he can't even see you..."
Bhahahaha well played Dax ... Well played

Every time I cut his hair... He just looks like a big kid!

Love coming to the park with my monkies!

Just made popcorn without a microwave for the first time since I was a kid..... I'm starting to not miss a microwave...

I have lived without a microwave for one full week... Just call me Martha Stewart

Z - "Dax let me read to you!" A love it!!!

We moved into our house five years ago tomorrow.... And tomorrow we move out and move into a new house... Apparently February 15th is moving day for the mattes household

Sweetest kids today! Zoey has been soooo nice to Dax today

Had my first parent teacher conference as a parent... Zoey got rave reviews! And is a genius!

"Daddy I need to go potty" - Dax = greatest thing said tonight        

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