Monday, April 29, 2013

Pink Pony Party - Zoey turns 5!

Zoey decided that for turning 5... a Pink Pony Party was the only way to go.... so of course we had to have a Pink Pony Party! and what has to be at a pink pony party.... PONIES!!! She was excited to say the least! 

We hired two ponies to come over for the party! and thankfully the rain stayed away.... They were a hit! All the kids loved riding the ponies over and over and over again...

Zoey's other request was a pinata.... which I made! Well I should have made it a little bit weaker... it took some work to get that things busted open!

Mostly it was all about people coming over and hanging out! Which we love!

Probably the best party yet with the best family ever!

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