Sunday, March 2, 2014

North Carolina v. Duke

Taking advantage of the unfortunate circumstances of the snow downfall, I met Gary in North Carolina for the Duke v. UNC game... bucket list checked off...

And.. it was a nice getaway! Gary had made friends the previous trip, so we headed out to the same establishment for the "moose" (Gary made a bet with the bar owner, that he would be back, and won a moose tap)!

Always have to get this... brings me back to Pisgah View Ranch... :)

Before the game, we headed to Duke, and drove around. The parking was terrible, so we didn't get to see as much as I would have likes.... although Gary was probably happy with that!


In Chapel  Hill.... wouldn't expect anything less!


Unfortunately, the game didn't end the way I wanted... but I was happy for Gary! After EVErYONE headed to Franklin Street! It was Madness!

The next day... I flew back to Tamp to pick up the munchkins, and head back to Pensacola!

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