Sunday, May 4, 2014

Zoeys party part 2 - slumber party

After bowling, we invited s few friends back to the house for pizza and a sleepover!

Sleepover fun!

Eventually we had to call it a night...

Up at 7.... means trampoline at 7:15!

The sleepover Crew!

It was such a FUN birthday! Definitely one of my favorites! 

Zoey you are turning into such a big kid! You are smart and funny, and a spitfire of a personality. You love to tell jokes, and are good at making up your own. You are quick to voice your opinion if you don't like something, and are still stubborn as heck! You are getting better at tolerating your brother, especially since he LOVES to be with you. You love to snuggle at night, and for mommy to scratch your back, but you are DEFINITELY a daddy's girl. You are creative, and love to draw, and create items using your imagination. Your reading is SPECTACULAR! it is amazing to me how well you read, and how much you LOVE to read! We love you Zoey! I can't wait to see the amazing, strong, smart, and brave girl you are going to become!

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