Tuesday, September 30, 2008

five months...

Yup our sweet baby girl is five whole months old... and over this past month I must say i think she has gone past little... she is getting far to big...

- full belly laughs
- complete rolls, left and right
- 2 (yes two! we discovered the other one on Monday) teeth
- beginning to scoot around
- says "dada"
- babbles tons of other baby words
- reaches out for anything in her vision
- almost sitting up by herself
- fruits and veggies with cereal

- All fruits and veggies; especially bananas
- her daddy!
- bouncing in her bouncer
- talking to anyone
- when mom, dad, or grandma comes and picks her up from daycare
- her puppies
- rubbing her forehead when she is trying to sleep
- playing with her toys on the blanket
- tv

- getting teeth

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