Monday, September 1, 2008

A short family visit on a long weekend...

Too many visitors! Kimber, TJ, Alex, and Sam came into town on Thursday, and then My mom and sister came into town to basically stare at the baby.. it was great to have them here even if it was only for a short while...My sister had a little photo shoot with Zoey yesterday.. and got some amazing pictures which I will post later... mostly it was nice to have some family in town to help out, since Gary was in Atlanta for his fantasy football draft..

Abuela and Zoey

Aunt Jessica

Our little family (minus the dogs) Sadly this is only the second picture of the three of us, since she was born... we really need to take more...

(don't you love that pose... she is hilarious)

now we are enjoying our rainy day off.. thanks gustav.. we were hoping the hurricane would stall for another day or so to get a day off of school... oh well!

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