Monday, April 27, 2009

Come Monday...

you'll be wishing it was the weekend again... and hanging out with these people..

Gary, Zoey and I headed out on Thursday for a short weekend in Tampa to visit friends and family.. and while we spent most of the time zig-zag from New Port Richey to Lakeland to Lutz to Brandon, we had an amazing time seeing everyone and the highlight was the Jimmy Buffett tailgating on Saturday..
I would say the concert was the highlight but...
a)it was sold out and we couldn't even scalp tickets
b)We were EXHAUSTED from the trip and wouldn't have made it through the concert anyway
c)We both landed up with a weird 24 hour bug... not a fun way to end a trip...

But here are some pictures of the tailgate...
Some "ambiance" pictures.. it was PACKED with people and food

Two of our favorite people.. Kurt and Wendi!

Gary and Darrin.. they really looove each other..

One of the best pictures we have taken since our wedding..

One of my favorite jews! The sister jew Melissa!

Well.. everyone can't be normal.. Matt being Matt..
Sorry jess I had to post it!

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