Wednesday, April 29, 2009


One year ago you came into this world and made us the happiest people in the world! Thank you for making us a mom and dad! You are the happiest kid in the world, you light up our world and make us laugh each and every single day! Your smile is the best part of the day and your laugh puts smiles on our faces! We love your love of learning and the ability to light up a room. Our lives are better with you and each day are thankful that you are in our lives! We love you baby girl and love every single moment with you! You are the best thing to ever happen to us!

Zoey at one-year..
- eating
- reading books!
- sitting in mommy's lap to read books
- playing phone
- playing by herself
- walking around and exploring
- pushing buttons
- tv.. sesame street and elmo

- walk by herself, but she like holding hands
- say 'mama', 'dada', 'baba'(bottle), 'bye-ba'(bye-bye), 'og'(dog), 'hiiii', 'papa', 'nana',
- sound of dog- 'woof-woof', elephant-raspberry sounds
- sing to Elmo's world
- point out in a book: the sun, elmo, ball, dog
- do the wheels on the bus hand motions
- blow kisses, give hugs and kisses
- wave bye-bye and hi
- sign "more" and "fish"
- throw temper tantrums on the floor
- dance, bounce, and twist
- play phone
- drink from a sippy

doesn't like...
- mom and dada saying no

Oh man this feels like yesterday...

Our first family picture...

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