Sunday, June 7, 2009

dancing anyone? and update on Zoey... of course.

This toy has been without batteries for quite sometime.. i mean who uses AAA batteries anyway.. well tonight i put new ones in... she stopped and got the biggest grin on her face took the toy and started dancing...

13 months and going... (mostly for my memories' sake)

Zoey can...
- dance
- walk pretty steadily on her own
- start to run
- say.."mama, dada, woof-woof, quack, was-that, whos-that, something that sounds like thank you, lalala (elmo), hii, baba, bye-bye, papa, nana"
- sign.. food, more, bird, milk, fish
- sound of dog- 'woof-woof', elephant-raspberry sounds, sheep - 'baba', do what a lizard does - sticking her tongue in and out...
- find noses on her face and yours... almost can do eyes and mouth.. just be careful or she'll poke your eye out...
- do the wheels on the bus hand motions
- blow kisses, give hugs and kisses
- wave bye-bye and hi
- do "so big"
- starting to climb
- drink from a sippy - NO MORE BOTTLES! WOOHOO!

Zoey likes...
- playing with her kitchen
- sucking her LEFT thumb.. only the left one will do...
- getting whatever she wants
- food- peaches, cheese, sweets, eggs
- playing outside
- petting and kissing the dogs...
- "cooking" - stirring, pretend eating...
- "cleaning"- sweeping, picking up dog food, wiping her tray, picking up her books
- reading.. LOVES to bring you books to read...
- dancing

Zoey doesn't like..
- not getting her way
- patience
- being in time-out.. but its working!!
- baths! - she has been screaming bloody murder...

She amazes us every single moment.. i'm so excited to spend the summer with my big girl!

ps- tonight is the first night in months that Zoey didn't SCREAM through her bath... maybe we have turned a corner! hooray!


Anonymous said...

Such a cute dancer!

AAA batteries are worthless. I don't blame you.

Kaylene said...

Carter goes through a phase where he screams at bath time whenever someone else puts him to bed. The thing that fixes it is getting him a new bath toy. Works like a charm.