Friday, July 31, 2009

Its a bird.. Its a plane...


We got bored waiting for the doctor today at her 15 month check-up...

Zoey is 15 months old.. she is 24 lbs(75th percentile), 30 inches(50th percentile) and is perfect! of course!

Zoey can...
- say 'ok'- her answer to EVERYTHING!, baby, up
- do animal noises - dog, elephant, lizard, fish, sheep, duck, monkey, bunny, horse
- run
- sign book, help, water

Zoey likes...
- food chicken nuggets, fish sticks, snacky food, milk, juice, fruit
- playing by herself and with mom and dad
- reading books
- playing outside
- her dogs
- getting her way
- doing what we tell her not to do

Zoey doesn't like...
- being told no
- being disciplined
- vegetables

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