Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Summer Fun... and 14 months..

Needless to say we are enjoying the summer...

Zoey at 14 months Zoey can...
- say new words "All gone" "baby" "ok" "gaga"- grandma, this, that
- new signs drink, food, all gone, wh- words (what, where, who),
- run
- pretend to cook
- try to blow bubbles
- make animal noises - 'woof-woof' 'baa' 'quack'

Zoey likes..
- playing outside, although its been to hot!
- playing in water
- eating... especially off our plate, and the snacks at grandma's
- "cook"
- throwing food off her high chair
- books - playing in her room
- swinging!
- opening and closing ALL doors
- getting picked up and pointing at everything
- looking at pictures of people - feeding her dogs
- "loving" on her dogs
- giving kisses to everyone
- going to brush her teeth
- picking up dog food Zoey does not like..
- being told no
- going into timeout.. now she doesn't even cry - getting in trouble

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