Friday, January 29, 2010

Month 20 and 21.....

I can't believe how big our little girl is getting! Everyday she does something new that makes her seems more and more like a little person instead of a baby... where did our baby go??

Zoey likes...
- doing it herself "do it self" she says ALL THE TIME!
- playing outside
- french fries, fruit, cookies, chicken nuggets, cheese
- books - especially 'fox in socks' 'spot' 'goodnight moon'
- talking on mom and dad's cell phones
- looking at the pictures on mom and dad's cell phones
- singing songs
- going to school, except the drop off part...
- tv - Sesame Street, Dora, Diego, Super Why and Nemo of course
- coloring
- taking mom and dad into her room
- playing with friends
- Asking where people are... there is a list of people she asks about all the time
- Talking on the phone with a select group of people
- anything to do with transportation, trains, buses, cars, trucks, tractors
- playing with/chasing the dogs
- dancing
- baths

Zoey can...
- say 3-4 word phrases
- say 'may i have some more _______ please?'
- throw a temper tantrum in 2.3 seconds
- change the settings on our cell phones in 5 seconds
- count to 13... she can say all the numbers in order, but can't stop counting objects
- say her ABC's.. sort of..
- recognize almost all of the letters in the alphabet
- sing a ton of songs, with hand motions- favorite is 'monkeys jumping on the bed' 'wheels on the bus' 'funny clown'
- say please and thank you when she wants and gets something
- sign about 20-25 words

Zoey doesn't like...
- being told no
- not getting her way
- leaving mom
- washing her hair out while in the bath... love the bath.. just not that part.
- not being able to do what Zoey wants
- veggies

This little girl amazes us each and every day! I am lucky to be her mom, and can't wait to see what she does tomorrow.. We love you baby girl!

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