Saturday, January 9, 2010

Second Child Syndrome strikes early!

This kid is already suffering from second child syndrome.. you know the one where no one pays attention to the second child and there are no pictures or memorablia to speak of... (I know this occurs from personal experience... just look at my baby book)

I haven't kept up a very good baby log (although I am sure you were really upset)... but since this as much of a journal as I will ever have.. I need to make sure baby #2 gets equal representation. So here you go... (feel free to skip this post.. I promise more adorable pictures of Zoey in the next one)

This pregnancy has TOTALLY different than Zoey! I am 15 weeks thus far. Nausea definitely is playing a huge role! I am way more sick this time around, and still continuing! I feel sick if I don't eat every couple of hours, and I can't eat huge meals, so literally every couple of hours I have to eat something! Its crazy.

I feel like I am showing tons already, but am definitely still in the "Is she fat or pregnant?" stage... but no maternity clothes yet which is very exciting!!! On a similar note... I haven't gained any weight!! WOOHOO!! Hugely excited about that!

Other than that things are going well.. We find out February 1st what the baby is.. so stay tuned (and vote on the side)! Then we will start the baby name debate... any suggestions cause we are stumped???

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