Monday, January 19, 2009

An unexpected visit...

Papa and Nana decided that 3 weeks without Zoey was too much to handle, so they took advantage of the longer weekend and came up for a visit bring uncle brett and steve with them..

Zoey became very attached to Nana.. Zoey learned to say "nana" this past week, but didn't say it once.. while they were here... of course!

Papa and Nana bought Zoey a new high chair while they were here.. which Zoey loves!

Uncle Brett helping Zoey get dressed!

Playing on Uncle Steve's computer!

Lounging with Uncle Steve and her "O's"

...deciding if she wants to share with papa... she finally shared one or two...

All of this was too much excitement for papa...

We had a blast.. and Zoey is waiting by the door for your return! We love you guys!

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